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Chauvet Battens feature RGBA-Lime LED Colour Mixing

Chauvet Battens feature RGBA-Lime LED Colour Mixing
Chauvet Battens feature RGBA-Lime LED Colour Mixing

Chauvet Professional is spreading rich vivid colours to more places. Following its popular Ovation E-910FC RGBA-Lime ellipsoidal, the company is raising the bar in colour wash and cyc lighting with the introduction of the first Ovation batten style fixtures. Like their ellipsoidal forbearer, the new Ovation B-2805FC and Ovation B-565FC battens feature an RGBA-Lime LED system that creates bolder, more vivid colours and brighter whites.

“Our original RGBA-Lime fixture met with a very enthusiastic reception, because it opened a whole new realm of colour mixing possibilities for designers,” said Albert Chauvet, CEO of Chauvet. “The natural thing for us to do was extend this colour mixing capability from the ellipsoidal to the batten category. Our new Ovation battens offer the broadest palette you can find in a batten style fixture.”

Aside from putting a rainbow of colours at every designer’s fingertips, the two new battens also deliver a very bright output that makes them well suited for cyc lighting and large-scale washing. A 1,753 x 210 x 207mm linear fixture, the Ovation B-2805FC is powered by 280 8W LEDs. Its smaller counterpart, the Ovation B-565FC, measures 355 x 190 x 20 mm, and is powered by 56 x 8W LEDs.

Both of the Ovation battens come with a holographic filter. This filter, which seamlessly blends colours at the fixture’s aperture, locks into place, so it can be used in any orientation without losing its position.

Adding to the versatility of the new fixtures is their ability to work with a wide variety of control options, including RDM, Art-Net and sACN, in addition to standard DMX. Up to then sections can be controlled individually for maximum flexibility. An easily accessible virtual colour wheel matched to popular Rosco gels and colour temperature presets also make programming easier.

As LED fixtures, the new battens will also result in less energy consumption, reduced heat emission and lower maintenance costs. Both fixtures also feature a streamlined design that aids in cooling and makes power and data connections easier

“In keeping with our design philosophy, we not only worked to create superior colour mixing with these fixtures, we also wanted to make them reliable and easy to use,” said Chauvet. “The only way innovation matters is if it’s reliable and convenient enough to use in the field.”

Given how well the new Ovation banners perform in a variety of applications, from cyc light to footlight to traditional batten light and more, these user-friendly colour mixing fixtures should be showing up in the field with great frequency in the months ahead.

19th August 2016

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