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ESTA Announces January 2017 Plugfest Event

ESTA Announces January 2017 Plugfest Event

USA – The ESTA Control Protocols Plugfest, an event where manufacturers and developers can test their products for interoperability with other manufacturers’ products, is scheduled to take place 20th - 23rd January, 2017, at the Dallas/Fort Worth Marriott Solana in Westlake, Texas. The event is free to attend and everyone is welcome.

The ESTA Control Protocols Plugfest is an educational opportunity for control manufacturers and developers to gather together in person and test their products for interoperability with the latest versions of the Control Protocols Working Group standards. The goal is to assist manufacturers and retailers in ensuring that customers are purchasing products that interoperate and communicate correctly on the same control network.

Attendees may bring controllers, intelligent lights, architectural fixtures, control protocol analysers, and various other tools. In an effort to look for and resolve interoperability challenges, everything is connected through a central network. People attend from all around the world in an effort to improve their products.

In addition to Remote Device Management (RDM) and DMX512 support, this special January event will be centred on the interoperability of draft standard BSR E1.33 RDMNet implementations and the newly revised ANSI E1.31 sACN protocols.

As Doug Johnson noted: "At the 2016 ESTA RDM Plugfest I was able to engage several people with first-hand experience in both the design and use of RDM enabled products. The format of the Plugfest is easy and informal; show up with your RDM device and whatever support equipment you might need, set it up in the Plugfest suite, and start testing and asking questions. What you get is expert advice and feedback, including insight into the nuances that you'd never get any other way. This is an incredibly valuable experience for anyone involved in the design/implementation of a RDM enabled device.”

11th August 2016

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