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Movecat LoCo LCS system distinguished at INDUSTRIEPREIS awards

The Movecat team has a new distinction to celebrate, its Movecat LoCo LCS load measuring system having been included the "BEST OF 2016" list at the INDUSTRIEPREIS awards. The INDUSTRIEPREIS awards recognise advanced industrial products of high economic, commercial, technological and ecological utility.

The LoCo load-measuring system distinguished this year is only the latest in a series of sensational new kinetic solutions for the stage and studio from Movecat to have garnered plaudits from industry insiders. It consists of standard load shackles that can also be used as such. The essential difference lies in their special load-measuring pins, which are made from a special high-quality steel, and feature an integrated active measuring system with sensory elements. These quantify the forces applied by suspended loads and transmit the corresponding data to the also integrated electronics.

11th August 2016

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