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The Best and the Brightest

The Best and the Brightest

With the introduction of the Ovation E-260WW, users no longer have to sacrifice brightness to enjoy the efficiency offered by LED technology. The brightest LED ellipsoidal on the market, the new Ovation fixture has an output that exceeds that of an HPL 750W ellipsoidal. Matching its industry-leading brightness with efficiency, the new Ovation fixture also has a 50,000-hour LED source life to lower maintenance costs.

“The Ovation E-260WW represents a giant step forward in LED ellipsoidals,” said Albert Chauvet, CEO of Chauvet. “It is brighter than any other LED ellipsoidal, greater than the output of the best 750 Watt ellipsoidals. This makes it ideally suited to serve as a bright key light in theatrical applications, but it still offers all of the efficiency you expect from an LED fixture.”

Aside from finding a ready market in theatres, the Ovation E-260WW will also be right at home in broadcast applications, because of its virtually silent operation and flicker free output. The fixture has adjustable Pulse Width Modification (PWM) with five options (up to 25,000Hz) for pulse width settings, yielding flicker free operation regardless of the video camera used.

The Ovation E-260WW has been designed to produce a warm even field of light, with a slight centre peak, making it ideal for both crisp well-defined gobo projection, and for blending in stage wash applications. Adding to its versatility, the fixture works with all Ovation lenses as well as all standard ellipsoidal lenses from other suppliers.

“In addition to having a bright output, this fixture fits perfectly into a wide range of applications,” said Chauvet. “This versatility will make it very easy for rental houses to get a return on their investment.”

Thanks to its 16-bit dimming plus emulated dimming capabilities, the Ovation E-260WW will integrate seamlessly into rigs that have incandescent fixtures. With a colour temperature of 3150K and a CRI over 90, it also matches up well with tungsten units when rendering colours with gels.

The ruggedly built and user friendly Ovation E-260WW offers a variety of control options, including DMX and selectable RDM. “With this fixture, we’re making it as easy as possible for theatres or any other end-user to get involved in LED ellipsoidals,” said Chauvet. “When you look at the fixture’s output, you can’t tell the difference between this LED and a 750 Watt tungsten ellipsoidal, but in terms of efficiency there is no comparison – the advantage belongs to the LED fixture.”

8th August 2016

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