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FloppyFlex and SoLED on Tour with Queen

FloppyFlex and SoLED on Tour with Queen
FloppyFlex and SoLED on Tour with Queen

Worldwide – This year’s Queen + Adam Lambert Summer Festival tour began in Europe and will wrap up in Asia at the end of September. Queen’s long history of pushing the envelope both musically and aesthetically requires that their creative team bring their A Game. For the tour, lighting designer Rob Sinclair and scenic designer Ric Lipson of Stufish Entertainment Architecture utilised Firefly FloppyFlex LED Neon and Solaris SoLED strobes to accent their cutting-edge stage design.

“FloppyFlex is working out great,” says the tour’s lighting designer Rob Sinclair. “I particularly like the brightness, smoothness and vibrancy of the colours, as well as its versatility. We have about 100 metres of the RGB FloppyFlex for the stage and backdrop, all driven by ProPlex RGB Drives. Built into individual stage sections and backdrop, it’s easy to set up and break down and the system is very reliable. I intend to use FloppyFlex again and am recommending it to other designers.”

Brilliant Stages of the UK supplied the lighting gear for the tour, which also includes 24 Solaris SoLED LED strobes. Sinclair adds: “The SoLEDs are great! I love the brightness for the size. They’re small, bright, and can thermal on almost indefinitely.”

Firefly FloppyFlex LED Neon is the perfect replacement for glass neon: easy to use, long lasting, durable, and safe. Perfect for use indoors and outdoors, FloppyFlex is available in large dome (270° view angle), small dome (160° view angle), and flat versions. Standard single-colour versions include red, green, blue, yellow, orange, plus RGB and digital RGB (pixel controlled) versions, as well as a wide selection of single colour white options ranging from 2100 to 5700K.

The compact and powerful Solaris SoLED strobe features a linear array of Cree LEDs and advanced driver software that provides the look, both the high-power punch, and the low-power random, natural 'feel', of xenon, all at one-fourth the power consumption. With a 92,000 lumen output, yet weighing less than 5lbs., the SoLED offers a remarkable output-to-size ratio. Also, a selectable flicker-free 2400Hz solid-on mode is unique for LED strobes and ideal for film and TV.

FloppyFlex and SoLED on Tour with QueenFloppyFlex and SoLED on Tour with Queen

2nd September 2016

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