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New Pr6000 Spot and Wash/FS Blast Off at PALM Expo China

New Pr6000 Spot and Wash/FS Blast Off at PALM Expo China
New Pr6000 Spot and Wash/FS Blast Off at PALM Expo China

China – PR Lighting found the long-standing PALM Expo China trade fair in Beijing to be the perfect showcase for its new high-powered PR6000 Spot and Wash/FS combination.

Combining an advanced optical path with the Philips MSR Gold 2000/1 FastFit lamp source, these two outstanding fixtures really caught the eye, the fully-featured Spot with its 10:1 zoom ratio and the Wash with its different framing options.

“These are important additions to our family of large scale discharge solutions,” announced sales director Ernie Armas.

Meanwhile, at PR Lighting’s booth, Ad Van Den Brandt, Philips director product and marketing management, special lighting health and industry, also made a short speech in which he noted the lamp’s extreme brightness and the fact that it is exchangeable with, and indistinguishable from halogen. “This is a new addition to our HID range,” he stated. “We are now celebrating 125 years and looking forward to a bright and interesting future. I am proud that we are the biggest lighting brand in the world and we will continue to innovate, especially in the Entertainment sector with our partners in the industry, in which we include PR Lighting.”

As for the products themselves, the PR 6000 Spot is a CYM colour mixing system with macro derived from a single colour wheel featuring seven colours plus white. Useful features of this DMX controllable fixture include three levels of power (2000W, 1500W, 1200W). Colour temperatures are 5800K (2000W) and 6700K (1200W), with CTO 0-100% linear colour temperature correction system.

As for effects, the PR 6000 Spot features dimmer, iris and strobe, as well as two rotating gobo wheels, each with six replaceable gobos plus open. Alongside this is a 7.3°-68° zoom, three-facet prism and frost filter while a replaceable animation wheel offers additional ripple or flame effect.

The head movement offers 540° of pan and 270° of tilt, with auto position correction and adjustable beam angle.

Sharing much of the same form factor and features (without the various gobo and effect wheels) the PR6000 Wash/FS variant additionally features a framing module (with four framing blades, offering 0-90° rotation, to produce different size and shape graphics). The fixture also contains two colour wheels, each with seven colours plus open, and stepped/linear colour changing is optional. The Beam angle (Fresnel lens) is 7.5° in high light mode and is 39-80° linearly adjustable.

7th September 2016

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