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PixelFLEX bends all the rules of video design with TrueFLEX

PixelFLEX bends all the rules of video design with TrueFLEX
PixelFLEX bends all the rules of video design with TrueFLEX

USA – The award-winning LED video display manufacturer PixelFLEX has announced the launch of the TrueFLEX LED video tile. Ideal for fixed installations which require a non-traditional LED solution, TrueFLEX offers more flexibility than ever before through its ability to curve in any direction and attach to virtually any surface while still providing a high-resolution LED video playback system. Available in 2.5mm, 3.0mm, 4.0mm, 6mm and 10mm indoor pitch options, the TrueFLEX LED video system now gives designers the opportunity to achieve unlimited creativity where traditional LED displays were not possible.

“Our goal at PixelFLEX is to provide our customers with the technology that will afford them the ability to create without boundaries or limitations,” said David Venus, PixelFLEX director of marketing. “As we have continued to grow in the video integration and AV design markets, we’ve experienced designers and architects alike asking for the ability to create more than normal rectangle or square LED video displays. With its limitless curving aspects, high-resolution modules, and completely quiet operation, TrueFLEX not only provides an ideal solution for these applications, but it is also one of the most innovative LED video products available today.”

Designed to create seamless convex or concave curved video walls, TrueFLEX offers a wide range of pitch options for high-resolution video playback of creative LED video content. The fanless design allows for a no-noise solution that can operate in any indoor space, and its slim and lightweight construction provides a low-profile installation that needs very little space for wiring and mounting. With its single module replacement for easy on-site service, TrueFLEX uses magnetic modules and set screw ports to attach to virtually any surface, and the external sending and receiving control, paired with quality connectors, guarantee safe and reliable module connections.

“When looking at the full potential of LED video displays in the architectural market, TrueFLEX now gives designers the freedom to create an unforgettable display no matter if the mounting surface is curved or flat,” continued Venus. “Today, LED video displays are becoming more than simple video playback, they are becoming immersive experiences and this was the driving force behind the introduction of our TrueFLEX LED video technology.”

28th September 2016

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