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Bandits Ring in New Year with Annual General Meeting

Bandits Ring in New Year with Annual General Meeting

USA – The start of the New Year heralded Bandit Lites Annual General Meeting, where Bandits came together to discuss future company goals, honour those who displayed excellence in service and banner anniversaries, in addition to celebrating the previous award-winning year for the company as Bandit won Pollstar Lighting Company of the Year Award for 2016 along with the Parnelli Award for Lighting Company of the Year in November.

During the meeting, Bandits who had landmark years with the company were bestowed with service awards including Jeremy Sinicki, Cody Cheatham, Jonathan Houle and Michael Stanley for five years, Aaron Swetland, Jacob Tickle and Rick Herndon for ten years, Chris Barbee and Jeff Vogt for 15 years and Cori Link celebrated 20 years with Bandit Lites.

Performance awards were presented and included Bandit’s prestigious Rock Award, gifted to those who went above and beyond in the previous year as shining examples of success and dedication. Recipients were Andy Reese, Mike Stanley, Jon Houle, and Allison Burchett. The Focus Award, given to those people who step their game up and move to the next level within the company, went to I.T. director Jeff Vogt.

Controller Shay Simpson was awarded the Tim Foltz Rookie of the Year Award for outstanding contribution in their first year. Additionally Matt McBride, David Hamilton III and Andrew Jacoby were awarded the “Best Best Tech,” an honour voted on by Bandit’s staff for excellence both in the shop and out on the road.

Bandit’s Chair Michael T. Strickland offered remarks on Bandit’s 49th year, sharing: “I am very proud that Bandit indeed has the best staff in the industry and they deliver world class service on a daily basis. I salute the fine ladies and gentlemen that make Bandit Lites what it is and look forward to many more years together!”

2017 looks to be even better than 2016, with Bandit resolute in its vision to bring ‘illumination worldwide.’

12th January 2017

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