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SGM P-5 wash lights breathe life into Russian ice city

SGM P-5 wash lights breathe life into Russian ice city
SGM P-5 wash lights breathe life into Russian ice city

Russia - A total of 16 P-5 LED wash lights played a crucial role in the Moscow Ice festival, In the Family Circle, which was a huge ice installation in Moscow’s Victory Park (Park Pobedy).

The festival represented landmarks from Russian cities such as Moscow, Crimea, St Petersburg, Volgograd and Vladivostok. The statues were 5-6 metres high and together they formed an ice city completely made from real Siberian ice. More than 1,000 tonnes of natural blue ice had been shipped in for the construction. The Kremlin fortress, which was no less than 10m high and 40m long, was the centrepiece of the ice city. From six slides descending from the Kremlin wall, visitors could glide their way down to the different regions of Russia.

The sculptures were pieces of art in themselves, but adding coloured light to them added a whole new dimension and brought them to life after dark. Using P-5 wash lights for seven of the sculptures, including the massive Kremlin fortress, Lighting designers Babalyants Sergei and Andrei Kalinkin certainly achieved that. Managing director from rental company Bogdan & Brigada explained why they chose these exact wash lights from SGM for the project: “The P-5’s IP65-rating makes it a waterproof fixture, which furthermore has no functionality problems when operating in minus degrees. This was an absolute deal breaker in our selection of lighting fixtures for this outdoor venue, especially considering the tough Russian winter conditions. Additionally, we also had our eyes on the P-5 as it is a very powerful wash light that can be directed with its interchangeable lenses and the option to slide on barndoors. We find SGM to be a reliable partner and we have had much support from the cooperation with their regional sales manager.”

Besides the lighting set-up for the ice sculptures, there were also 20 P-5s and ten Q-7 on a stage that was used for different entertainment features from 28th December to 8th January. This was undertaken by rental company Spin Music Service.

By popular request, the well-attended festival was extended until 29th January, 2017.

SGM P-5 wash lights breathe life into Russian ice citySGM P-5 wash lights breathe life into Russian ice city

31st January 2017

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