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Solaris Mozarts join Wonderama on TV

Solaris Mozarts join Wonderama on TV
Solaris Mozarts join Wonderama on TV

USA – Wonderama, a revival of the popular 1960s' kids' variety show, rolled out this month on Tribune Broadcasting’s cable network, with a set featuring Solaris Mozart LED fixtures. Hosted by David Osmond (of the talented Osmond family), 13 weekly episodes are in the can with 30 more scheduled.

“We’re using 14 Mozarts now, but I’d love to have 150,” says show LD Herrick Goldman of HG Lighting Design Inc., New York. “Placed on vertical legs of truss at the back of the set, they’re the perfect eye candy for imparting action and energy. Our director, Bob Conover, challenged us to make the room as kinetic and vibrant as possible while still shooting in the round. Controlled with a grandMA and bit-mapped for kinetic rainbow effects, we use Rosco diffusion for a slightly softer, homogeneous image. They look great for a live audience as well as the TV viewers. Being a seven-camera shoot, the Mozarts are quite ubiquitous and must look great from all angles – and they do! For bumpers, one of the cameras will pan from Mozart close-ups to the host. It’s an effective look.”

Goldman adds: “Mozarts are very bright, easy to address, and I really appreciate their flexibility. With their slim profile and discreet cabling, they can be mounted virtually anywhere. I appreciate the wide variety of mounting potentials and tip my hat to Mozart’s forward-thinking designers.”

The hard-working crew who helped Wonderama come to life includes director Bob Conover, associates Sarah Jakubasz and Lois Catanzaro-Gordon, head electricians John Anselmo and Dan Mullins and programmer Jason Blends.

Founded in 2006, HG Lighting Design is a full service design firm for theatre, dance, corporate, installations, museums, and of course TV and film. HGLD’s design team draws upon decades of experience and are known for their thoughtful collaboration with clients, directors and other designers.

With settings from three to 48 DMX channels, and 1, 4, or 16 RGB pixel groups per fixture, the lightweight, low-profile Mozart is extremely versatile – it fits in the palm of a hand! The Mozart’s ultra-high refresh rate, at 38,400Hz, is great for any camera, and at approximately 11,000 NITS, the Mozart is significantly brighter than any outdoor LED wall. Weighing only 1¼ lb., the Mozart is perfect for low weight-bearing structures and surfaces, and it’s IP65 rated!

Solaris Mozarts join Wonderama on TVSolaris Mozarts join Wonderama on TV

27th January 2017

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