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AV Stumpfl Wings goes on the road with Peugeot

AV Stumpfl Wings goes on the road with Peugeot

France – Automotive brand Peugeot is a huge user of audiovisual technology. Not only for its appearances at high-profile motor shows, but most particularly for the never-ending process of keeping its dealer network trained and updated about the new and upcoming vehicles that it releases every six months. In France, Peugeot has been doing this for years, sending out three teams who move from town to town throughout the country conducting their sales and service training road shows.

Like everyone else in the business, Peugeot’s teams present their training through the usual media, slide shows and video clips, often receiving updated material while on the road. And, like everyone else in the business, the trainers were having issues integrating the slide shows and video clips smoothly into their presentations, frequently having to rely on the venue’s AV technician to load and run the appropriate video content at the right moment during the presentation. With very limited time for preparation and rehearsal at each venue, this situation is fraught with anxiety and the potential for embarrassing slip-ups.

Etienne Servant from Prestans, AV Stumpfl’s French distribution and integration partner, was working as an audiovisual technician on one such training event when it occurred to him that the presentations could be run much more smoothly, and with much less stress, if the show was loaded as a show onto a Wings Vioso system and operated from a simple custom interface that could easily be operated by the trainer to control their presentation.

Etienne got an opportunity to speak with Peugeot’s tour organiser Caroline Lancry, and proposed his idea of simplifying the presentations with Wings. Caroline asked him to demonstrate his idea and loved the concept when she saw it. Her response was rather terrifying: “Okay, I want it operational in Metz, Lyon, and Paris next week!”

The three systems that Prestans built for Peugeot have now been touring for three years and trainers can’t imagine using anything else. Each system consists of a powerful laptop computer running a Wings Vioso Pro licence, a wireless router and an iPad for the touch control interface. The trainer has a touch control interface that allows them to forward, pause and rewind all aspects of the presentation and even control the sound levels.

Prestans remain engaged to configure and load the image, video, and sound content into Wings Vioso for each new presentation, often loading the setup remotely while the training teams are on the road. Over the last three years the Prestans team have gradually been educating Peugeot that if they consistently need new presentations built at very short notice; it helps if the video is provided in Wings-friendly video formats.

Etienne Servant, now the business director for Prestans, points out that the most difficult part of the job is when a touring system needs to be loaded remotely but the country internet connections are slow.

Prestans are continuing development of the Wings presentation concept with Peugeot and are looking at bringing it to different types of events including motor racing, headquarters seminars, and exhibitions. Meanwhile they strive to live up to their promise: “The show is in your hands.”

6th October 2017

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