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Felix Lighting Stays on Leading Edge with ProPlex

Felix Lighting Stays on Leading Edge with ProPlex

USA – This year, Felix Lighting has added significantly to their rental inventory of ProPlex devices and cables. In addition to their ProPlex IQ Two 1616 and 416 Nodes, Opto-Splitters, hundreds of Ethernet cables and ten runs of ProPlex Fibre cable, nine EZ-LANs form the heart of the California company’s state-of-the-art portable networking systems. “ProPlex makes complex show networking easier and more reliable, and our lives easier,” says Ryan Herrera, VP of business development at Felix Lighting.

“ProPlex EZ-LAN is our answer for complex networking productions,” says Ryan. “We use it for our larger gigs, from the Hollywood Bowl to the Las Vegas Convention Center, and beyond. For stadiums, festivals, or corporate ballrooms, we can run multiple networks – consoles, video, and ArtNet – over a single fibre run using EZ-LAN’s VLAN capabilities. A parallel fibre run provides simple, cost effective redundancy. We build the units into custom racks for each show and the learning curve for outside techs is extremely fast, thanks to EZ-LAN’s intuitive design. We’ve tried other solutions but EZ-LAN is a truly unique, turnkey tool.”

For over 25 years, Felix Lighting has specialised in lighting design and video content for concerts, corporate events, permanent installations, and other special events large or small. Comprised of professionals who understand how to properly integrate all types of equipment, formats, and media into one seamless system, Felix’s team of experts can plan and render a new system from the drawing board to load-in, or help assess the need for updating or replacing existing systems to meet today’s demands.

Since earning Live Design’s LDI 2015 Best Debuting Product of the Year Award, ProPlex EZ-LAN has more than proven its worth worldwide. These simple to operate yet powerful managed Gigabit Ethernet switches distribute up to four discrete networks, e.g. lighting, audio, content, server, console, communications, etc. quickly, effortlessly, and simultaneously. Capable of doing the work of four standard Gigabit switches, users untrained in the complexities of managed networking can easily isolate networks and access or change VLAN assignments with a few simple button presses! With 16 ports, assignable in four groups of four, the rugged and innovative EZ-LAN is a game-changing member of the ProPlex family. All ProPlex Data Distribution products are designed for today’s complex show or event environments, and all are built to withstand “Life on the Road.”

13th October 2017

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