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Relevant Audio Visual Turns Bland to Grand with Elation Lighting at Global Leadership Summit

Relevant Audio Visual Turns Bland to Grand with Elation Lighting at Global Leadership Summit

USA With a commitment to develop and mentor leaders worldwide, the Global Leadership Summit is a live HD broadcast that is simulcast to more than 600 satellite locations around the globe. On 10th and 11th August, Relevant Audio Visualprovided production for a Global Leadership Summit satellite site in Wichita, Kansas, the third largest satellite site in the country, and turned to inspirational lighting from Elation Professional to liven up the environment.

“In past years, there’s been little thought put into lighting this satellite location,” explains Brandon Deibler, creative director and project designer at Relevant Audio Visual (RAV). “Traditionally, there’s been a very flat, non-dimensional look to the room. It needed a more energetic, inspiring look to complement their message so we freshened it up with effects and colour from Elation lighting.”

It didn’t help that the room at the Century II Convention Center in Wichita, where the event was held, was a somewhat bland tan colour, not exactly conducive to creativity. Nonetheless, RAV took the stage renderings they received from the Global Leadership Summit and creatively translated them to the space, adding in a lighting package of 22 fully rotational ACL 360 Bar colour-changing LED battens, 12 Platinum Beam 5R Extreme moving head beam effects, 12 Platinum Spot 5R Pro colour and pattern moving heads and 12 of Elation’s new Paladin strobe/blinder/wash lights.

This was RAV’s first year working with the Global Leadership Summit. They production managed the two-day leadership training, including design and load in, and used the Elation lighting to create pre-session lighting looks and complementary visuals during the presentations themselves.

“There was rear projection onto the screen, which allowed us to put lighting effects in front of the screen,” Deibler explained, commenting that the lighting was useful in customising the various presentations like during comedian Michael Jr’s address, where the room was dressed in red and white. The designer also tells how the lighting scheme widened the look and carried the visuals out into the 1,400-capacity room. “The lighting connected the audience to what was happening on stage,” he said. “The venue was an open floor plan with balcony and the lighting especially helped them feel connected to what was going on down on the floor and stage.”

The supporting visuals included a curtain of lighting effects from ACL 360 Bars, versatile RGBW batten luminaires that Diebler raked front to back on pipe with some on the floor. The fixtures projected through haze to create an immersive, layered effect that complemented the room. On deck behind the screen and on the lip of the stage were Platinum Beam 5R Extreme lights used to project narrow beams upwards while Platinum Spot 5R Pro fixtures textured the walls of the venue. Elation’s new hybrid Paladin strobe/blinder/wash lights gave life to the room by reflecting coloured light off of the ceiling. RAV also used the Paladins as a dynamic house lighting fixture, forgoing the venue’s fluorescent lights. Control of the lighting system was from a full-size Hog 4 lighting console.

Relevant Audio Visual Turns Bland to Grand with Elation Lighting at Global Leadership SummitRelevant Audio Visual Turns Bland to Grand with Elation Lighting at Global Leadership Summit

25th October 2017

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