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Claypaky Spheriscan delivers ethereal lighting effects at Edinburgh's Hogmanay

Claypaky Spheriscan delivers ethereal lighting effects at Edinburgh\'s Hogmanay

UK – Claypaky Spheriscans were selected to deliver a display of spectacular lighting effects that merged architectural and entertainment lighting during Edinburgh's famous Hogmanay torchlight procession. The award-winning fixtures were supplied and installed on The National Monument of Scotland at Calton Hill by Edinburgh-based production and rental outfit Black Light.

Project manager James Gow from Black Light worked alongside lighting designer Grant Anderson and production manager of the torchlight procession John Robb, to create a lighting plan that offered maximum impact and versatility for the event.

Gow explains: "We chose to use the Claypaky Spheriscan thanks to its 360-degree pan with an IP54 rating, which makes it a unique fixture on the market. With no need to add extra weather proofing, the unit has a sleek and discreet design."

One Spheriscan was placed between each of the eight front columns of The National Monument of Scotland. The remaining two were positioned in front of the monument where the fixtures bright beams and inbuilt gobos provided texture and illuminated the stone, making it prominent against the night sky.

"A key requirement for this event was 'in air effects'," explains Gow. "The Spheriscans offered us fast moving, strong beams of light that were captured perfectly by the smoke given off from the event's bonfire, fireworks and flames from the torches."

The National Monument of Scotland came to life as the static lighting progressed to a sequence of fast-moving effects during the event's firework display. The Spheriscans transformed the structure into an ever-changing multi-coloured launch pad for the fireworks, with their high-intensity beams adding depth to the negative space between the monument's columns.

The Claypaky Spheriscan lamp works at 1200 Watts to produce an incredible output of 12000 lumens. The bright light is visible in any environment and offers users six rotating gobos, with an additional eight fixed gobos to produce spectacular mid-air effects, also achieved through the Spheriscan's mirror which turns endlessly through 360 degrees. The luminaire has an adjustable speed and is capable of up to 250 rotations per minute - more than four rotations per second.

"Black Light chooses to stock Claypaky as we are always aiming to stay on top of the market, bringing high-end lighting products to our clients and to Scotland," concludes Gow.

The torchlight procession took place on the 30th of December 2016, beginning in Edinburgh Old Town and concluding half a mile away at Calton Hill. The procession was attended by more than 40,000 people carrying torches to create a 'river of fire' running through the city. A percentage from each torch sale was donated to UNICEF.

Claypaky Spheriscan delivers ethereal lighting effects at Edinburgh\'s HogmanayClaypaky Spheriscan delivers ethereal lighting effects at Edinburgh\'s Hogmanay

21st February 2017

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