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dLive Flies into the Arctic

dLive Flies into the Arctic

Norway - Swedish PA company, Parashoot flew out its new Allen & Heath compact dLive system for the world’s northernmost festival, held in Longyearbyen, Svalbard, located on a Norwegian archipelago in the Arctic Ocean.

Running since 1998, the Polar Jazz festival is a unique event, which year on year attracts well-known artists from across Scandinavia to perform. Parashoot managed audio requirements for Swedish singer, Ane Brun, for her headline performance, using their new dLive C Class C1500 rack-mountable surface with CDM32 MixRack.

“This must be the furthest north a dLive has ever travelled!” comments Parashoot owner and engineer, Oscar Söderlund. “Our new compact set-up was so easy to transport and load in/out, which was very important given the temperature was -13°C. We have several dLive S Class touring systems but for unusual or fly in gigs like this, I love the fact that I can now have all the features of dLive in a carry case. The dLive range, with its new C Class addition, is just making it more clear that dLive is becoming a well-deserved classic mixer, and workhorse."

13th February 2017

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