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Lab Gruppen's Lucia Amplifiers

Lab Gruppen\'s Lucia Amplifiers
Lab Gruppen\'s Lucia Amplifiers

Lab Gruppen continues its tradition of cutting edge product innovation with three new Lucia 60W power models: Lucia 60/2M, Lucia 60/2 and Lucia 60/1-70. Available with either 4-in, 4-out matrix-mixer (Lucia 60/2M), 2-in, 2-out configuration (Lucia 60/2) or 2-in, 1-out for the 70V model (Lucia 60/1-70); all with configurable DSP features like the equivalent larger models.

“Lucia has an exceptionally small footprint and multiple mounting options and its input flexibility provides installers with an absolutely reliable and highly-cost effective solution,” notes Hakan Gustafsson of Lab Gruppen. “To further increase cost efficiencies we have introduced new 60W power models, which reduces the initial system investment by 30% whilst delivering all the same features as the alternative models.”

Central to Lucia’s cost efficiencies is its Energy Star certification. After 20 minutes of no signal input, the amplifiers automatically enter standby mode and power up within one second when signal returns. Additionally Lucia incorporates intelligent fan control where it provides silent operation in idle and lower output levels.

Lucia’s ultra-compact form factor – a half-rack 1U chassis – allows it to be tucked away inconspicuously wherever needed. Lucia mounts behind video screens using the included wall bracket, tucks away in rack shelves or drawers, or attaches to the optional pole mount or rack mount. 

With the release of the Lucia 60W models, Lab Gruppen is providing a new version of its free Application Browser software, V 1.5.0, which will support all nine Lucia models.
Also a new elegant looking table-top level control – LAB Level – is available for the entire Lucia range. 

3rd February 2017

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