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ACM Brings Audient on Board

ACM Brings Audient on Board
ACM Brings Audient on Board

UK – Audient has announced that renowned music education college, the Academy of Contemporary Music (ACM) has purchased 150 iD4s, iD14s as well as a ASP8024 Heritage Edition console, which means there is now Audient hardware in all of its Music IT (MIT) suites, two of the main studios and three post production rooms.

With an original Audient ASP8024 analogue mixing desk at its Guildford HQ, it was an easy decision to install the enhanced Heritage desk in the brand new Clapham campus, which opened last year. Production tutor in London, Rob Barter, explains how it fits in: “From a teaching perspective, it’s a great console to learn on as it represents a type found in many large studios. The signal routing is very flexible and allows the students to appreciate the routing possibilities of large format consoles. We particularly like the Heritage features and feel that, overall, the console has great sonic character.”

Barter continues: “We feel it’s paramount to teach analogue signal flow in order to prepare our students so they can walk into any studio and successfully operate whichever console the studio may have installed. If a student is familiar with a console of this type, they should be able to operate equipment of any type in any situation.

“The teaching staff have consolidated our view that the ASP8024-HE is well laid-out and a relevant console on which to teach, record and mix. The students are getting to use the console hands-on in a practical context for their assignments and personal projects.”

Of the 150 iD4s, some have been installed with optional table mounts: a unique Audient design securing the units in place without the need for messy Kensington locks. There are 20 in a classroom which are always active in production classes. “Every computer which is not an admin machine also has an interface attached. These units work well and involve no installation, which has made our lives much easier,” adds Barter.

“We have iD14s set up in our small production suite. The students use this for editing, overdubbing and mixing. They were purchased for a brand new Falmouth University degree associated programme at our brand new campus here in Clapham, London.”

All these upgrades were part of the expansion of the Guildford campus, which comprises “…four floors of MIT suites and lecture space at The Billings,” according to ACM’s principal, Adam Bushell. “Next year we’re looking forward to continuing to support our talented students at both our London and Guildford campuses, alongside creating more real-world opportunities via our famous Industry Link programme and connections with Metropolis.”

Set up 21 years ago, ACM has stood by its ‘learning by doing’ ethos, as Bushell explains: “We’re so proud to have connections with Metropolis (who record, mix or master over 50% of the UK’s Top 40 charts). Our students get real-world hands-on experience due to our close ties with this famous studio and as a result, they now have access to the some of the best opportunities the industry has to offer. Several students have signed publishing deals with Metropolis Publishing and our students often get the opportunity to perform live at industry-only events within the powerhouse.

“ACM graduates are often found in the spotlight,” continues Bushell, naming Newton Faulkner and Chrissie from The Shires amongst them. “Yet for as many alumni that are prominent artists within the current music industry, we also have many working behind the scenes in top positions at labels, management companies, radio stations and more. With regards to successful production students, a couple that come to mind are Josh Mellody (AKA Zomboy) and Alex Robinson, who is now a full-time engineer at Metropolis Studios.” Not forgetting our very own marketing manager.

Bushell describes ACM’s future as “…incredibly bright. For over 21 years, we’ve been delivering an unparalleled music industry education experience. With our solid base in Guildford and our newly opened thriving London campus, students have never been in a better position to network and get those all-important opportunities to start their careers in the music business.”

The sale of the Audient hardware was ably facilitated by education technology specialists, Academia.

ACM Brings Audient on BoardACM Brings Audient on Board

14th March 2017

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