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Blackout provides rigging services to for Microgaming exhibition stand

Blackout provides rigging services to for Microgaming exhibition stand
Blackout provides rigging services to for Microgaming exhibition stand

UK – Working for exhibition designers and producers, Blackout was approached for the third year to provide rigging for Microgaming’s stand and bar at the ICE Totally Gaming exhibition at ExCeL, February 2017.

The Microgaming stand and bar designed and produced by had a daily change in set design to encourage repeat footfall and stand out from the visually competitive surrounding stands. The final day of the show engaged delegates with a castle-themed bar, utilising Blackout’s rigging expertise to suspend a number of chandeliers from one half of the truss grid above the bar to surround guests with in-keeping decor, whilst being entertained by professional sandcastle sculptors organised by Microgaming.

Tim Searle, Blackout’s project manager and his six-strong crew, over the course of three days, supplied and installed 300m of black Prolyte H40v truss forming a rectangular grid from which over 430 kinetic lights were hung above the immersive exhibition stand. The 24m x 20m grid featured a double-layered truss perimeter, onto which 135sqm of black sharks tooth gauze was attached creating an aerial perimeter of the exhibition stand below. An additional 480sqm of black gauze was installed across the top of the truss grid, forming a dark ceiling layer. Blackout’s crew supplied 28 one-tonne hoists in order to winch the extensive installation into place above the stand.

In addition to the captivating kinetic lighting which was programmed to create a range of moving sequences including waves and alternate vertical motions. Multiple large Microgaming logos were also suspended from underneath the truss structure, welcoming delegates to the stand to network, try on wearable gaming technology and experience the on-stand entertainment. A Microgaming Bar sign was fixed to the side of the truss structure between the two layers of rigging, whilst additional hung trusses were utilised for the scene changes required to transform the exhibition bar’s daily theme.

Tim Searle comments: “In addition to the rigging work for on the Microgaming stand inside ExCeL, our additional team of four installed a Microgaming sign onto the side of the Sunborn London moored in the famous Docklands, capturing the attention of arriving delegates at the venue. This was a challenging install, requiring us to construct the truss structure on which the sign was going to be attached in the quayside, then cover it with grey gauze to remain in-keeping with the vessel it was being mounted onto. The sign was then affixed to the front of the truss structure, before lifting arms set up on the ships’ top floor balcony and hoists were utilised to lift the sign into the place, finally secured in place by scaffold outriggers.”

James Dale, managing director of adds: “The Microgaming stand was designed and produced in-house by to reflect the high quality products and services that Microgaming delivers to its global customer base on a daily basis. The kinetic lighting feature played a big role in the overall stand experience, designed to capture the crowds’ attention and push the boundaries from a technical point of view. Working with Blackout has always been a pleasure and working on the Microgaming stand at ICE 2017 they have proved yet again that they are the best in the business. Professional, quick to respond and on budget.”

23rd March 2017

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