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Casio launches 4K Ultra HD Resolution 5,000 Lumen projector

Casio is stepping into new market territories through the unveiling of its first 4K Ultra HD projector featuring 5,000 lumen brightness, the Large Venue XJ-L8300HN. This is making the revolutionary benefits of Casio’s lamp-free light source available to applications looking to utilise 4K content, which are expected to grow from the current level of under 10% to approximately 40% by 2020.

The XJ-L8300HN has an ultra-high-definition resolution of 3840 × 2160 pixels and is equipped with a 4K DLP chip, to create images of approximately 8.3 million pixels. This is made possible because the four-megapixel chip has twice the amount of pixels than traditional 4K eshift method, creating sharper, more detailed images. Content is reproduced with a spectacular colour array and a built-in lens shift function auto corrects the visual positioning.

Casio is the leading manufacturer of solid state illumination light source projectors with a global market share of 73%.

Lee Turpitt, head of projector division for Casio UK explains: “Our mission has always been to make the benefits of lamp-free projection available to a wider segment of the market and this new model is ideal for the growing business applications for 4K projectors, from large conference rooms and halls to brightly lit classrooms and the big screens found in spacious venues such as auditoriums. The 4K capability allows the fine details of images to be shown precisely and accurately, including charts, engineering plans and design drawings where every aspect counts.”

Casio is the only manufacturer to have dedicated its whole projector range to the lamp-free platform and having been pioneering this technology since 2010. This process of solid state illumination replaces the lamp traditionally found in projectors, along with the hazardous chemical mercury, with two of the most sustainable light sources on the planet, laser and LED.

This leads to a much more sustainable and eco-friendly product through factors such as a lower power consumption and longer life span of 20,000 hours. Maintenance is also virtually eliminated with no consumables to monitor or replace, offering a hassle free solution to the end user. All Casio projectors maintain their brightness consistently throughout the whole lifetime, resulting in an industry-leading total cost of ownership.

The XJ-L8300HN comes with Casio’s acclaimed five-year / 10,000 hours warranty, giving users switching to lamp-free for the first time complete peace of mind.

13th March 2017

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