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Chauvet Professional Lends Timeless Look to Fabergé Watch Launch

Chauvet Professional Lends Timeless Look to Fabergé Watch Launch
Chauvet Professional Lends Timeless Look to Fabergé Watch Launch

UK – A VIP crowd gathered recently in a 39th floor luxury penthouse in London’s South Bank tower for the launch of Fabergé’s new dual time zone watch, the DTZ. Set to the backdrop of London’s impressive skyline, the unveiling of Fabergé’s innovative and beautiful watch was accompanied by a special live DJ set by Vogue Williams. An equally impressive supporting lighting concept was created within the penthouse, courtesy of Big Fish SRL, which used a selection of Chauvet Professional Well Fit, Maverick MK1 Hybrid and Ovation E-190WW fixtures to create a lighting backdrop to the celebration.

With the penthouse itself harbouring numerous interesting characteristics such as high ceilings, a balcony, and a central chandelier consisting of stainless steel balls, illuminating the space was a complicated and involved task. One of the fixtures absolutely instrumental in achieving this aim was the Chauvet Professional WELL Fit, a discrete high-powered wireless RGBA LED uplighter.

“Given the high profile of the event, one of my key considerations was ensuring elegant illumination while forfeiting the need for unsightly wiring,” commented Hubbard. “The Chauvet Well Fit fixtures were particularly essential for this purpose, providing saturated uplighting without wires, thanks to the battery-powered wireless LED lighting.”

The Well Fit fixtures were placed intermittently around the penthouse to uplight beams of saturated colour. “I can’t stress how easy these fixtures are to set up,” enthused Hubbard. “For time sensitive one-off events such as this, we really come to appreciate the battery-powered ease of installation offered by the fixtures. The flexibility is excellent!”

In addition, Hubbard positioned the Ovation fixtures strategically around the penthouse to provide focused lighting for both the Fabergé brand signs around the walls in addition to the photography screen, where VIP guests were photographed in front of the Fabergé logo.

“The Ovation fixtures brought an additional theatrical element to the overall presentation of the Fabergé product with excellent wide angle and sharp projection,” said Hubbard. “The quality of light is also fantastic: You get all the benefits of a classic warm looking tungsten fixture without the heat, which was essential given the relatively confined conditions in the penthouse.”

Hubbard positioned 12 Maverick MK1 Hybrid fixtures on the upper floor of the penthouse. Providing a central focus to the penthouse suite, the fixtures shone through a hanging collection of stainless steel reflective baubles, creating a cornucopia of lighting strains and looks reflected around the central room over two floors.

“We really made use of the multi-facet prisms and gobo combinations of the Maverick to create seemingly endless combinations of looks through the hanging sculpture,” commented Hubbard. “The colour combinations are also fantastic, and while we weren’t able to exploit the huge brightness of the fixtures in this particular environment, we were impressed by its ability to create atmosphere and depth.”

With Hubbard’s selection of Chauvet Professional fixtures providing key support to the visual look within the penthouse, both the elegance of the brand and the new DMZ watch were accentuated. “I’m proud we were able to match the quality of the brand with our lighting installation,” concluded Hubbard. “What initially looked to be an impossible task was ultimately made possible by the interplay of the various Chauvet Professional fixtures.”

Chauvet Professional Lends Timeless Look to Fabergé Watch Launch Chauvet Professional Lends Timeless Look to Fabergé Watch Launch

2nd March 2017

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