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Easton Corbin Tours with Bandit Lites

Easton Corbin Tours with Bandit Lites
Easton Corbin Tours with Bandit Lites

USA – Country music star Easton Corbin has been bringing his smooth twang to audiences around the country with a lighting package provided by Bandit Lites. His newest single, Girl Like You, has been climbing the charts as fans await his much anticipated fourth studio album.

Lighting designer Andy Knighton utilised GLP Impression X4S on Bandit created ‘Go-Go’ Truss, a custom designed A-type truss where a pipe can be mounted down the centre allowing smaller fixtures to be more portable.

“There are also two Bandit exclusive GRNLite pars in the bottom for toners and one ROBE Pointe at the top of each tower,” Knighton said. “This allows for an expedited up and down as there is not very much time in between set changes, along with fitting in various clubs and drawing low power.”

Bandit also supplied Chauvet Legend 230 SR Beams, GRNLite moving washes, and a Grand MA 1 full console for control for lighting director Tanner Peterson.

“We had to make the design huge, and we had to make it fast,” Knighton added.

In addition to the scope and speed of the design, Knighton made the lighting complement with the massive custom marquee E that adorns the stage.

“All of the set pieces are from the mind of Bruce Rogers, the master of most of the big production sets ever seen like Super Bowl/Madonna/Beyonce/Sting/Prince,” he said. “Bruce and I have a history of bringing his marquee type set pieces to life so he and Trey Turner (manager) called me up to make the letters dance!”

Easton Corbin’s tour continues through 2017.

1st March 2017

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