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Elation WW Profile HP a warm-white ellipsoidal spot with power

Elation WW Profile HP a warm-white ellipsoidal spot with power

Elation Professional now offers the WW Profile HP, a high-power version of the company’s popular warm-white ellipsoidal spot WW Profile fixture. It projects a superior quality of light and is an excellent choice for the wide variety of white light illumination needs required in broadcast, worship or theatre environments from highlighting performers or scenery on stage to illuminating speakers.

Powered by a 250W warm-white LED engine, this pro-level product gives an output of 14,000 lumens, more than twice the power of its predecessor and the brighter level of illumination needed for both video and broadcast purposes. The WW Profile HP houses an advanced optical system and emits an exceptionally flat field of soft, warm-white light with a high CRI of over 91 for a more faithful reproduction of an object’s colour. Its soft, flicker-free output means the WW Profile HP can operate with video cameras for image magnification and for broadcast.

The WW Profile HP supports multiple interchangeable lens options: 19°, 26°, 36° and 50° (sold separately), making it a highly effective and highly flexible directional spot luminaire. Manual focus and a four-blade framing system allow for full control of the beam shape for a highly controlled field of light with less light spill. The fixture supports B-size metal or HT transparency gobos for custom projections to complement a theme or overall design.

Low-noise thermal fan cooling means the fixture can operate in noise sensitive environments like broadcast, worship or theatre, a thermal management system that keeps the LEDs cooler and outputting at their maximum brightness.

The WW Profile HP can slowly and smoothly dim from off to full and back again without flicker or stepping. Full range dimming is either manual or DMX controllable and a selection of variable dimming curves is provided for faster programming. Strobe and strobe effects are also possible.

A host of other features come standard like multi-channel DMX control, 3- and 5-pin DMX in/out, and PowerCON in/out connections. Operation is simple via a four-button control panel with easy-to-read LCD menu display that makes navigation through settings uncomplicated. An integrated rigging yoke allows for easy hanging and an auto-sensing power supply means the fixture can operate anywhere in the world. The WW Profile HP operates flicker free and is an excellent choice when warm-white light is required in television, film or theatre. Add in the other benefits of LED lighting like greater reliability, a long life LED rating so technicians won’t have to change expensive bulbs, and overall less maintenance, and the WW Profile HP will satisfy even the most discriminating professional.

9th March 2017

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