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Euro-debut for new Studiomaster product at Prolight + Sound

Euro-debut for new Studiomaster product at Prolight + Sound
Euro-debut for new Studiomaster product at Prolight + Sound

Germany – The Studiomaster digiLiVE 16 compact mixer has shipped over 2,000 units since its introduction in mid 2016. The same winning concept of simultaneous integrated touchscreen and iPad operation will be available in a rack-mount ‘black-box’ form-factor, with the introduction of the digiLiVE 16RS and self-powered digiLiVE 16P-600, both being shown for the first time in Europe at Prolight + Sound.

Also being shown for the first time in Europe is an upgrade to the popular LIVESYS5 micro PA / powered monitor system; the LIVESYS5/S adds SD / USB record and playout, and Bluetooth playout. While two all-new class-D power amplifier series – the HX and QX – offer two- and four-channel models with top of the range power ratings in excess of 2 x 500W and 2 x 9500W, respectively.

With all of the features and flexibility of the digiLiVE 16 compact mixing console – and sharing the same 7” touchscreen and remote iOS app iPad operation – the new digiLiVE 16RS and self-powered digiLiVE 16P-600, are uniquely powerful, ultra-compact ‘black box’ style, rackmount digital mixers. Ideally specified and featured for a range of applications, including AV installations, small performance venues, music bars and houses of worship, or as a dedicated monitor mixing solution (especially when used with the iPad App).

These mixers share the same 16 input, 16 bus, 8 FX bus format of the digiLivE 16. The 16RS featuring two XLR L/R master outs and 6 configurable ‘smart’ outputs, and the 16P-600, 4 ‘smart’ XLR outputs and 4 x 150W RMS (4Ω) class-D power amplifiers. The 16 inputs are configured as 12 mic/line and two stereo on both models, and both also sport digital S/PDIF I/O and AES-EBU output, as well as a USB interface.

With 40-bit floating point SHARC processing, 192kHz / 24 bit AD/DA, the 16RS and 16P-600 do not compromise on quality, offering exceptional performance at this budget point. All settings including faders (uniquely at this price point) are fully recallable. Touch-screen and iPad operation (with the user-friendly iOS app) is exceptionally straight forward, making these mixers ideal in applications and installations where no dedicated operator is present.

Both of the new HX and QX digital power amplifier series fully exploit the compact form factor and considerable weight-saving and operational advantages of the very latest class-D technology. They offer new levels of power and performance, at highly competitive professional entry market (HX series) and premium market (QX series) price points.

The ultra lightweight and compact 1U HX series provide performance, power and reliability in an affordable, energy saving efficient design. The specifications and features meet a breadth of demanding professional audio requirements, including commercial installation, conferencing, small and medium scale sound reinforcement and rental applications. High-end features include high efficiency power factor correction (PFC)
, thermal, overload and DC protection, protection and status indicators, output limiter, universal 90-250VAC power supply, multiple gain modes, variable speed fan cooling, balanced XLR inputs and professional speaker connectors.

Two- and four-channel models with stereo/parallel/bridge mode operation, provide reliable and efficient operation at 2 ohm loads, No less than eight models in the range include four two-channel models, rated at 300W, 500W, 700W and 900W (at 8Ω), and four four-channel models rated at 600W, 1000W, 1400W and 1800W (at 8Ω).

The QX series is intended for large to very large-scale, high-end sound reinforcement, installation and rental applications. Featuring advanced amplifier adjustment technology to provide over 95% efficiency, and stable performance under high current, low impedance (2Ω) conditions. Features include active power factor correction (PFC) and an ultra reliable soft power switching power supply, which operates universally between 90-250VAC, as well as a 32A mains power input socket, thermal, overload and DC protection circuitry, thermal, overload, DC and status indicators, multiple gain modes, balanced XLR inputs, output limiter and variable speed fan cooling.

The 1U high lightweight design weighs-in at less than 12kg. Two- and four-channel versions, with stereo/parallel/ bridge mode operation, give power ratings from 2550 Watts per channel up to 5100 Watts per channel at 4 ohms. At 2 ohm operation the top of the range QX4-8000 will deliver up to 4 x 5780 Watts. With exemplary performance characteristics and such high power ratings, the QX series offers cost effective high-end solutions for the most demanding professional applications, such as large-scale line arrays.

The QX series comprises three two-channel models rated at 3000W, 4000W and 6000W and two four-channel models rated at 6000W and 8000W (all at 8Ω).

Speaking to the new products being shown at PL+S, general manager Patrick Almond says: “Both the new digiLiVE rackmount mixers and the HX / QX amplifiers are a further evolution of our digital product development. We have come relatively late to market with digital product offerings but we have spent considerable development time, both in configuring these products precisely for specific applications and market sectors, and in exploiting latest processing technologies when they become available at a price point that allows us to offer these extended specifications, features and operational capabilities, previously unavailable to more budget sensitive market sectors.

“The digiLiVE 16RS and 16P-600 offer very high end performance at the competitive end of the install market, in a plug & play package that makes setting up and using all of that power extremely user friendly. And with the HX /QX amps, no installation or PA hire company, no matter how small or price competitive, need settle for inefficient, underpowered poor quality amplification.”

27th March 2017

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