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Hawthorn Expands Scenic Department

Hawthorn Expands Scenic Department
Hawthorn Expands Scenic Department

UK – Creative technical production expert, Hawthorn, has expanded its in-house Scenic department to enhance its set design and manufacturing service and meet increasing demand from clients.

To support the ongoing development of the department, Daniel Carden (pictured) joined the company in October 2016, taking up the role of head of scenic. Having previously worked in Dubai, Dan brought with him a wealth of experience in set building for exhibitions, events and theatre. Having been in position for six months now, he has already made a significant impact on the six-man strong department, including overseeing the purchase of a new CNC machine.

CNC (Computer Numerical Control) involves the use of computers to control machine tools. The machine enables much more precise manufacture than manual machining and can produce complex shapes that would otherwise be impossible to achieve. The new machine expands Hawthorn’s offering to its clients, allowing them to manufacture complex sets in-house, removing the need for additional suppliers.

“I’ve used CNC machines for many years and have seen the difference it can make, especially when a high-end finish is needed,” explains Dan. “It can be very labour intensive for the team to reach the required standard, whereas a computer driven machine can do it a lot easier and in a lot less time.”

And it’s not just large and elaborate sets that can be produced using CNC, but also small intricate fixings and decor. The use of a computer gives a high level of precision that means a task can be repeated, to the exact same standard and specification. With the CNC machine being able to do in ten minutes what it may take one man to do in eight hours, it also significantly decreases production time.

This latest piece of equipment further demonstrates Hawthorn’s commitment to invest in the latest technologies to meet the needs of its expanding client base.

Dan said: “This is a really exciting time for Hawthorn and I’m absolutely thrilled to have joined the team here. The guys in the workshop are highly skilled and by investing in new equipment, such as the CNC machine, we’re able to make the most of this. We can get really creative with our designs now as the machines remove the limitations we’ve had previously. We’re now able to offer our clients a complete scenic solution, from a unique and complex set to a selection of stock treads and flattage.”

Simon Wood, group director of projects at Hawthorn, said: “I’m delighted to have Dan on the team, taking the department forward. He brings a wealth of industry knowledge with him and has already made a huge impact on the development of our set department. The company has seen a significant level of growth over the past 12 months and we’re committed to investing in both equipment and staff to support this.”

31st March 2017

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