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Hypnotize me!

Hypnotize me!
Hypnotize me!

In the run-up to Prolight & Sound 2017, the brand Eurolite brings new LED moving heads with compact dimensions and amazing effects to the market. The devices with the melodious name “Hypno” captivate viewers with luminous rings.

The name predicts the characteristics of these moving heads. LED rings, which are arranged around the lens, create hypnotizing effects in bright colours, while a light beam comes out of the centre.

Currently, there are two versions of the Hypno, which, despite their similar looks, differ in their composition. The spot version is equipped with a powerful, white 30W COB LED, you can modify the projection by using colour wheels and gobos. Around the lens, three LED rings with a total of 76 RGB SMD LEDs have been arranged.

The second version houses a 60W COB LED in RGBW colours which create a vividly coloured beam. Around this are four LED rings with a total of 88 RGB SMD LEDs. the LED rings can be controlled individually on both devices. The fixtures can be controlled via DMX or operated in stand-alone mode.

Despite their impressive effect and their assertive light power, the dimensions of the Hypnos are manageable. Both versions are only 35cm high and weigh only 5kg. This makes them excellent for mobile use, solo entertainers or smaller bands are well equipped with these devices. Even when installed in clubs, the Hypnos perform perfectly.

23rd March 2017

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