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Introducing the LED Creative Byte Controller

Introducing the LED Creative Byte Controller

Designed and built by the LED Creative in-house technical team, the Byte Controller is a state of the art controller unit developed specifically to work in unison with the LED Creative Sigma product range.

Created to allow maximum artistic control with minimum programming time and a greatly reduced DMX footprint, Byte offers precise, intelligent pixel management, easily handling up to 300px per output or up to 1200px across an eight output unit.

Accurate and flexible, Byte permits outputs to be addressed individually or grouped, thus solving a number of common ‘real world’ LED pixel issues by allowing control as individual fixtures, the same fixture or as part of grouped fixtures. For added variability, the system’s unique on board algorithms are able to easily manipulate built in effects to provide almost infinite, instantaneous results.

Commenting on the new units, LED Creative’s Adam Howard says: “Our new controller units are an extremely valuable addition to our product range. We built them specifically to meet the needs of clients using our Sigma LEDs and we’re absolutely delighted to have see them already put to good use on a number of productions.”

Solid, lightweight and featuring acoustic silent cooling, BYTE is ideal for studio and theatre use, or environments where ambient noise levels need to be kept to an absolute minimum. Delivering ultimate control to every performance, the LED Creative Byte Controller is the perfect accompaniment for broadcast, film and architectural installations of any size, shape or complexity.

22nd March 2017

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