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Midas monitor slashes waste and contains cost

Midas monitor slashes waste and contains cost

Temporary power specialist Midas’ latest generators feature LiveLink, JCB’s unique monitoring system, which lets the supplier watch and address the machines’ performance, efficiency and security, remotely.

Mooted as the progressive sustainability solution since early last year, this is the first time a major manufacturer has got involved to make a monitoring system the new reality for temporary power.

Providing real time, and historic, analytics through the Vodafone emergency services network, which has 99 per cent coverage across the UK and offshore, LiveLink measures every element of a machine’s performance and how it’s being run. Unaffected by the bio diesel/red diesel cost equation, it slashes waste and contains costs for the supplier, and the client, like never before.

JCB LiveLink’s enhanced security package keeps Midas informed when its machines are on the move and lets the company know how they are being treated, generating a reduction of up to 10 per cent in insurance premiums.

Midas’ managing director, Dave Noble, comments: “You don’t have to rely on the client for information any more. With LiveLink we know more about the machine than the person using it. The graphs tell us how the machine is being run. The object is to get the pie chart as green and yellow as possible by drilling down into the dynamics. LiveLink means we can watch the kit at all times, give advice about any impending problems and optimise performance. It’s a massive step forward.

Brian Cleary, managing director at Sygma Safety & Events, says: “LiveLink crosses a new threshold in terms of quantifying generator efficiency and accountability on event sites. It will ring real changes. Congratulations JCB for developing the technology and to Midas for its unquenchable pioneering spirit.”

In picture: Trend charts from the Generator Performance Report.

8th March 2017

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