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New ADB Products at Prolight+Sound 2017

New ADB Products at Prolight+Sound 2017

Germany – The new ADB KLEMANTIS is an asymmetric linear cyc light based on the most advanced LED technology. This luminaire was developed to answer the requirements of theatre and opera customers, as well as for TV studio needs. KLEMANTIS features the innovative and exclusive HCR technology, that is based on a six colour LED module and its unique control algorithm. The HCR technology provides a wide colour gamut, from bold colours to pastel shades, as well as an impressive tunable white light with a high CRI up to 97. KLEMANTIS is a family of fixtures that today consists of the KLEMANTIS AS1000 and the KLEMANTIS AS500, designed to be used in a linear array. A unique optical system based on exclusive high-quality lenses, generates a uniform light diffusion and perfectly blended colours. The luminaires will be set in a row – on the floor or/and at the top – at a distance between 0.60m to 2m from the cyclorama, depending on its height. They will provide a uniform coverage of the surface, with smooth and invisible overlap.

IMAGO is a compact and lightweight high-tech USB backlit control surface, which, when connected via USB to a PC running the HATHOR lighting software, becomes a full-fledged console. IMAGO has been designed with cost, size and ergonomics in mind but without any compromise concerning the quality. Thanks to its compactness and weight, it can be easily transported in a backpack, as well as installed in all places including the smallest ones. Combined with HATHOR and a simple USB connection to a laptop, IMAGO offers leading edge capability, advanced features and enhanced programming, including two DMX outputs and one DMX input as well as the possibility to send 32 universes via Ethernet. The IMAGO WING completes the IMAGO family offering, when associated to the IMAGO, additional control possibilities (18 Subfaders and 18 Executor keys).

New ADB Products at Prolight+Sound 2017New ADB Products at Prolight+Sound 2017

31st March 2017

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