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Planetarium Hamburg reopening with a new State of the Art Laser System by LOBO

Planetarium Hamburg reopening with a new State of the Art Laser System by LOBO
Planetarium Hamburg reopening with a new State of the Art Laser System by LOBO

Germany – On 14th February 2017, after 18 months of reconstruction, the Planetarium Hamburg reopened its gates again. Prominent people like Hamburg’s first mayor Mr. Olaf Scholz or the Senator of Culture Dr. Carsten Brosda were invited to marvel the inside of the Planetarium. “We the people of Hamburg don’t like to act up but we like to have theatres. This beautiful old water tower is our biggest sky opera.” stated Scholz. With a budget of almost ten million Euros the star theatre has been completely modernised and equipped with the latest technology. The centrepiece, the laser and multimedia technology, has been provided and installed by LOBO in record time just a few weeks before the reopening.

With one of the biggest and most modern show laser systems on the planet, LOBO is creating magical moments and an unforgettable 360-degree experience under the star dome. For one, this high-tech laser system consists of the optically pumped ultra-bright sparks laser series – the brightest laser system on the planet. With the laser modules in the basic colours red, green, cyan and blue, over 16 million colours can be generated by means of intelligent colour mixing. Those modules are mounted in the so called sparks PowerDeck and connected with the laser projectors inside the star dome via fibre optics.

The sparks PowerDeck is a very special novelty – a laser light server, that provides enough slots for up to eight sparks laser modules. The common typical problem of dust contamination on the optics does not occur with the PowerDeck. This is because LOBO separated the air stream inside the PowerDeck, (necessary for cooling the lasers) from the optical components. An additional benefit of the PowerDeck is the individual and easy extensibility. The PowerDeck works trouble-free from a room next door, leaving the sensitive dome acoustics void of distracting background noises. The special situation at the Planetarium Hamburg is the size of the intended PowerDeck hosting room was quite small for the usual horizontal positioning of the device. Therefore, the ambitious LOBO engineers designed a frame that allowed a vertical positioning of the PowerDeck.

The sophisticated LOBO TriDome system generates spectacular, high-precision and genuine 360-degree-real full-dome projections. Through a separate projector positioning at 120 degrees with respect to one another, entirely filling dome projections are possible. This TriDome system does not merely create less disturbing picture transitions, it also provides a highly increased show experience. Additional laser projectors are positioned inside the dome; two of them are on full-motion robotic arms which can be lifted up pneumatically on demand. They are used to create beam effects that appear especially three-dimensional.

Another feature of the laser system in the Planetarium is LOBO’s LACON-5 programming and control unit. This multimedia work station is the central command management unit of the entire laser installation, and additionally, all laser shows can directly be programmed on it. But the LACON-5 is capable of even more: very often, the controller orchestrates entire multimedia shows with fire- and water effects, fog generators, lighting and sound etc.

So the Planetarium is perfectly set up for the coming future – not just architecturally, but also on technical level. It provides a much more breathtaking star experience than ever before. So, a visit is highly recommended to every space- and multimedia enthusiast.

Planetarium Hamburg reopening with a new State of the Art Laser System by LOBOPlanetarium Hamburg reopening with a new State of the Art Laser System by LOBO

2nd March 2017

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