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Prolight + Sound debut for Doughty's Pole Operated Yoke and Space Saver

Prolight + Sound debut for Doughty\'s Pole Operated Yoke and Space Saver
Prolight + Sound debut for Doughty\'s Pole Operated Yoke and Space Saver

Germany – Doughty Engineering's new pole operated yoke and space saver are set to make their European debut at this year's Prolight+ Sound. Visitors to stand E11 in Hall 3.0 will get the opportunity to see both items in action, as well as a range of Doughty's other kit including the Atom G Clamp, the award winning Modular Rigging System and a selection of grip, rigging suspension and lifting equipment.

Mark Chorley, design engineer at Doughty said: "Prolight + Sound is without doubt one of the most important shows for us, as it reaches a truly international audience. We launched the pole operated yoke and the space saver in the UK at the start of the year, but we understand that just because a product ticks all the boxes for our UK audience, it doesn't always mean that it will be a hit with our customers in Europe or further afield. Prolight + Sound gives us the opportunity to really gather thoughts and feedback that we can, in turn, pass on to our R&D teams to ensure our products work globally."

The pole operated yoke is modular in design and can be made to customer specification from existing stock, hence a quick turnaround between order and delivery. Designed to lengthen and shorten to fit any sized fixture, the yoke is fitted to a lamp with two cups which pan and tilt, and being pole operated, this enables the operator to make any adjustments from the ground. "This takes away the need to have ladders cluttering up the stage or set and thereby eliminates any potential safety hazards," explained Mark.

Doughty's Space Saver is sure to be a major topic of conversation on the stand. When a demonstration video appeared on the company's Facebook page earlier this year, it reached more than 35,000 people and has since sold out. The clever piece of kit allows a clamp or spigot to be permanently fitted to a luminaire or projector and folded into a storage position to save space. Julian Chiverton, sales director at Doughty said: "The response to our space saver through social media was overwhelming, with people from all over the world liking and sharing the demo clip. We hope that it will be a major attraction to the stand and that when people get the chance to play around with it themselves, they'll be just as impressed."

31st March 2017

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