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Rosco Debuts Image Spot LED Gobo Projector

Rosco Debuts Image Spot LED Gobo Projector

Rosco Laboratories has announced a highly-anticipated addition to its projection product line with the introduction of the Image Spot LED gobo projector.

“We’re very excited about Image Spot’s introduction to the marketplace,” said Jack Burwick, product manager for Rosco’s LED Systems. “It’s incredibly energy efficient yet compact, with image projection and a throw that’s nothing short of superior,” he said. “With its 40W LED array and the option of 190, 250 or 300 beam optics, Image Spot is the perfect projection fixture for a variety of applications including retail, museums, theme parks, and other hospitality venues,” said Burwick. Indoor (IP40) and outdoor (IP65) versions are available.

Image Spot’s fan-free passive cooling system ensures that the unit runs silently, making it suitable for environments where silence is critical. A variety of accessories allow significant customisation of the Image Spot’s projection, including the above-mentioned narrow, medium and wide lenses for additional beam shaping, and filter/diffusion options for lighting and colour control. Image Spot features on-board dimming controls as well as DMX512 compatibility for both the indoor and outdoor-rated models.

Rosco is a global leader in the design and production of steel, glass, and plastic gobos as well as projection solutions. Image Spot is the first LED gobo projector that Rosco has produced as part of its continued expansion into the LED lighting market.

27th March 2017

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