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Victory World Church Shines with HES Solarange

Victory World Church Shines with HES Solarange
Victory World Church Shines with HES Solarange

USA – Victory World Church in Norcross, Georgia recently upgraded the lighting system in their main facility with High End Systems SolaWash Pro 2000 and SolaSpot Pro 1500 fixtures, along with a new Hog 4 flagship console, Road Hog and Hedgehog desks, an Axon HD Pro media server and other HES equipment, all purchased through LightParts, Inc. Specified by Victory’s Staging and Lighting Director Charlie Pike, the installation represents a major leap in production technology for the diverse house of worship.

Sixteen SolaWash Pro 2000 and 16 SolaSpot Pro 1500 fixtures were installed in Victory’s main sanctuary. Pike says the goal was to make a fundamental change from tungsten stage wash to intelligent fixtures. “All of our ellipsoidals are now obsolete,” he points out, “and we wanted the flexibility that having an intelligent lighting stage wash affords. I do appreciate the fact that they’re LED which will save money, but what initially drew us to the fixtures was their low power consumption, which made it a lot easier to power them. I’ve got only four circuits running a specific amount of lights, where previously I would have to run 20 or more just to get the same amount of fixtures in the air. That also reduces our cable package needs and rigging concerns, and being LED over a traditional discharge source gives you better CRI – and with High End’s colour engine we’re able to reproduce some really fantastic colours – because such careful attention was placed on the LED engine itself.”

The SolaSpot Pro 1500s are installed over the congregation in three different locations – far, mid and near – to illuminate the band and the worship leaders, and the main stage wash for the ministry. The SolaWash Pro 2000s are employed for aerials and in other positions over the audience for texture and color. Pike admits, “I have a lot of freedom to interpret the music, based on my artistic feeling of the song, movement or moment. We have a lot of lighting in this room, so I have the opportunity to go fully ridiculous or dial it back for more intimate moments. With as many fixtures as we have here, I build my looks in layers; sometimes they need profiles, or only need a wash, or just beam fixtures. We’ve created an environment that is full of energy, yet is not distracting or flashy for the sake of flashy. I build all of my cues and songs off of strong static looks, and as songs progress and the music changes, they might do chases or movements.”

Pike uses the fixtures’ indigo highlighters to accentuate looks, or points them at the wall to get a more saturated purple. “They’re mostly used as eye candy, so during the sermon when you get a jib shot of the stage, there’s not a black hole at the top, you can see something there. There’s a few songs with only the indigo illuminators on for the quiet parts; I think they’re very cool in the right application.

“Victory World Church has a very high focus on every production aspect. Although we don’t broadcast for TV, our online weekly audience is over 6,000 and we stream to other campuses, so a strong video presence is very important for our viewers, and having high quality lighting for video is paramount. The High End Systems fixtures give us such a pure light source that tuning the cameras is a very easy thing to accomplish, and our footage consistently looks amazing.”

Along with their full size Hog4 console, Pike also has Road Hog and Hedge Hog desks and DP8000 processors in Victory’s inventory. He points out that the consoles’ power and ease of operation make the Hog family a natural fit for Victory’s productions. “I’ve used Hog consoles my entire career, and with this install we moved from the Hog3 to the Hog4 platform. I really like the speed of programming on the Hog4,” he says, “and going from a blank show to a complete show doesn’t take a lot of time. Once your console is properly laid out, it’s a very fast and intuitive console – there’s not a lot of wasted space with icons and buttons to constantly tweak and manipulate. The way that the hardware interfaces with the software is very smart, and the button placement is easy to remember and reach. Also, the way that the Hog interacts with on-screen commands is very clever; once you have your ‘A ha’ moment, you become a quick, facile programmer. Particularly for churches with larger moving light installations, the console’s facility to manage and manipulate large groups of fixtures is very simple, and it becomes a quick and powerful way to program lots of lighting instruments. We have over 80 movers in the main room, and I jump all over these fixtures without any problem!”

Another staple of Victory’s rig is the Axon HD Pro. Pike says: “The Axon’s features for its price represented great value for the money. I felt like the Axon had really good options and it would suit what we were looking to do – basically we wanted a stable platform to use for creative video elements. We’re not yet using it to its full capacity, but it is certainly the backbone of our media servers. There are seven projection surfaces in the sanctuary, and four or those are the pillars that represent the four tenets the church is built off of. I project images on the wall, on long vertical surfaces, and those graphics are in the Axon. When we do worship music we’ll have different video elements being played out of the Axon on to other surfaces – the upstage video wall and the pixel wall, and then it stretches out – when you look from one end of the auditorium to the other it’s one congruent image. So it’s not only action on the stage, it brings it out to the house, thus a more enveloping environment.”

In closing, Pike credits LightParts and High End Systems for Victory World Church’s confidence that they purchased the best equipment for their sanctuary. “We were invited by LightParts to visit High End’s facility, and from that relationship and those three days in Austin we knew we had found the right partners for this renovation. There’s been a lot of positive feedback from our congregation, and we are consistently complimented on the new system. We were able to phase it in tastefully, and our parishioners really appreciate the energy and impact; there’s no envelope to push, but we have a large family here, and we’ve had an overwhelmingly positive reception.”

Victory World Church Shines with HES Solarange Victory World Church Shines with HES Solarange

20th March 2017

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