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Kansas Anniversary Tour Carries on into 2017 with Bandit Lites

Kansas Anniversary Tour Carries on into 2017 with Bandit Lites
Kansas Anniversary Tour Carries on into 2017 with Bandit Lites

USA – When American rock band Kansas originally announced plans for a 40th anniversary tour of their five times platinum album Leftoverture, the band initially thought it would be a brief ten or 12 show run. One year later, the legendary rock group has had to add another leg to the tour to meet fans’ demands, with dates now stretching into winter of 2017 and featuring a lighting package from Bandit Lites.

The two-and-a-half hour show is broken into multiple parts and not only includes Kansas performing the entirety of their groundbreaking album, Leftoverture, but also showcases songs from The Prelude Implicit, Kansas' first new studio album in sixteen years.

“I've tried to keep those parts very distinct from one another while in the programming phase,” said lighting designer Scott Pearson. “Kansas is a very dynamic band, and always lots of fun to light. I’ve been given lots of creative leeway with this show.

Pearson’s design features Martin MAC Viper Profiles providing the primary looks for the show, with Martin Atomics being utilised for accents. GLP X4Ss are placed overhead as wash and solo fixtures with additional GLP X4S fixtures up-lighting the backdrops in conjunction with Wildfire units.

“The GLP colours are rich, the white is very white, and the zoom system is great,” said Pearson. “The remainder of the gear (32 LED pars, and audience blinders) is locally provided.”

The result is an instantly recognisable rock show, worthy of the wildly popular sound of the ‘wayward sons’ on stage, and one Bandit Lites is proud to be a part of.

“Scott’s drive and dedication to his craft are easily seen,” said Shawn Lear, Bandit’s client representative. “Programming any Kansas tune is a feat unto itself, with an orchestrated heavy metal sound; the programming needs to integrate with the many variations of enhancements throughout the songs, and Scott does that! Every show is big and very well-articulated with the lighting as part of the experience alongside the bands performance.”

“Bandit has been awesome as usual,” finished Pearson. “Shawn Lear and (project manager) Matt King have been great to work with, and are always attentive to our needs.

4th April 2017

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