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Bel Digital releases new firmware for Dante Confidence Monitor

Bel Digital releases new firmware for Dante Confidence Monitor

Bel Digital has released a firmware update (v1.31) for its BM-A1-64DANTE, which now includes the facility to automatically display channel names via Dante Controller.

Ideal for commercial installation, broadcast, live sound, houses of worship, theatre and production applications the BM-A1-64DANTE is an Audio-over-IP audio monitoring solution that allows confidence monitoring of any channel present on a Dante network. AES67 compliance also means the BM-A1-64DANTE can operate in any other compatible AoIP network.

The BM-A1-64DANTE can be configured to monitor up to 64 channels with two monitoring modes available to the user. With the new firmware, Dante Receiver Channel names are now automatically displayed, which makes configuration and operation even faster and completely intuitive.

“With up to 64 channels routed to the front panel, it’s possible to audition each channel individually,” explains Bel’s Craig Lovell. “With v1.31 firmware installed, the Dante Receiver Channel name on the selected channel is now automatically displayed, which makes for very intuitive operation.

“It’s also possible to combine any number of channels to create unique stereo monitor mixes if you need simultaneous monitoring of multiple channels. In this instance, the availability of channel names means that custom combinations can be quickly achieved.”

“I’ve just uploaded the new firmware to all my devices and I love the new feature. It works really well,” says Matt Wentz, audio systems engineer at Willow Creek Community Church near Chicago, who recently purchased three BM-A1-64DANTE units for the church’s extensive campus. “The ability to see the names allows ease of programming a preset, or just trying to find the channel you want to solo. Instead of keeping a spreadsheet of the layout, it’s now right on the screen. We’re looking forward to more updates in the future!”

Additionally, inserting headphones automatically mutes the front panel speakers and presets allow for different mix combinations to be stored and recalled. The audio present on the speakers is also available via balanced analogue (two XLR) and AES/EBU (one XLR) outputs, which is useful for connecting the unit to external monitors or if using the BM-A1-64DANTE as a simple two channel breakout unit to feed external equipment.

The Dante monitor is housed in a rugged, compact 1U rack chassis, features a redundant power supply as standard and offers full audio redundancy over a Gigabit Ethernet network.

26th May 2017

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