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CODA Audio USA Launches at InfoComm 2017

CODA Audio USA Launches at InfoComm 2017

USA – Audio is the lifeblood of live events, the central nervous system that connects creativity with an audience. The pro audio industry, at its best, is one that is constantly seeking to improve. Many people who choose audio as their profession do so because of their desire to create, evolve and improve the audio experience that they help to provide. These professionals are always searching for a better way but have all too often been rewarded with flashes in the pan, comets and fireworks, bright lights and noise – here today, gone tomorrow. Is it any wonder that cynicism permeates our industry as every year we hear about “the new solution” that somehow defies the laws of physics and common sense? In the end, the industry reverts to its standard choices and in doing so a bit of the curiosity and magic that got so many involved in the first place is diminished.

Does new hope ever arise in an industry where innovation has slowed and choices appear limited? At this year's Infocomm in Orlando, the answer to that question will most definitely be "affirmative".

The long-anticipated introduction of one of the world's most influential professional sound system manufacturers, Germany's CODA Audio to the United States market is here in a big way! A wholly-owned subsidiary of CODA Audio International, CODA Audio USA, staffed by American industry veterans, will introduce itself officially during this year’s Orlando show. CODA Audio USA offers a fresh alternative to the US pro audio market. Vastly experienced and with deep roots in Europe, Asia and The Middle East, CODA Audio combines these attributes with a formidable reputation for stunning sound, underpinned by revolutionary technologies and company stability. CODA USA’s mission is to bring this proven audio quality, performance and reliability to the US.

Managing director of Coda USA, Luke Jenks (pictured), looks forward to showing the US market what CODA Audio is all about: “A scientific approach, brilliant engineers and an on-going investment in cutting edge R&D make CODA Audio advanced systems possible. However, it’s the real-world results and advantages of applying these systems that matters to our business partners, users and listeners. CODA’s approach of ensuring that things are right from the outset has yielded ground-breaking technologies that don't require a physics degree to appreciate. Come visit us when we demonstrate some of our small and mid-sized solutions at this year’s InfoComm in demo room W230D and booth #5891 where hearing really will be believing. We're certain that you'll enjoy the CODA Audio experience that sound engineers, consultants and providers all over the world agree is something very special."

Visit CODA USA at InfoComm 2017 Booth 5891 and demo room W230D.

16th May 2017

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