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Saville Adds Panasonic to Rental Fleet

UK – Saville Conference and Live Event centres hold large stocks of the latest projector models for all applications. The company has invested in 16 PT-RZ970 projectors to add to its fleet following a competitive shoot-out with two leading projection brands.

The laser projector delivers high quality, consistently bright images while its dust-resistant optical engine and laser light source eliminate the need for filter and lamp replacements, extending maintenance-free service life to up to 20,000 hours.

“Given the long term performance promised by the RZ970, we see it as a perfect solution to the corporate rental market,” said Andrew Ellerby, technical support manager at Saville AV. “With reduced operating costs through the elimination of lamp and filter replacements combined with the outstanding performance as demonstrated at the shoot out, we are sure it’s the right choice.”

Tony Molloy, project sales manager at Panasonic commented, said: “Saville has a wealth of experience and expertise in terms of audio visual technology for conferencing and events. We are delighted they’ve recognised that Panasonic’s laser projectors can be of great benefit to themselves and their customers.”

5th May 2017

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