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SGM fixtures endure tropical Hawaii all year round

SGM fixtures endure tropical Hawaii all year round
SGM fixtures endure tropical Hawaii all year round

USA – Fixtures from SGM’s new POI (Permanent Outdoor Installation) range was an obvious solution for a tropical installation at Old Lahaina Luau in Maui, Hawaii. The traditional Hawaiian experience includes a feast and authentic entertainment, attracting guests to nearly full capacity year-round. The Old Lahaina Luau show now features a rig dominated by SGM fixtures. Garou Blancan from XYZ Cultural Technology chose 16 i-2 POI wash lights and 6 G-Profile POI moving heads to create this island show.

The fixtures were installed on four motorised towers designed by Serapid USA extended to heights of 30 feet/ nine metres during the show and lowered at the end of the evening. Garou decided to utilise SGM fixtures based on his prior experience:

“I was a big fan of the Giottos and used them on multiple occasions. I hadn’t used SGM products since the rebranding and launch of the POI fixtures, so I was excited to work with them for this installation.”

The fixtures are encountering rain, salty air and high temperatures, which make durability a necessity. To combat the elements, Garou chose the POI fixtures. SGM standard products are known for their IP65-rating, while the POI series took it one step further offering a marine grade IP66 quality. Built to endure extreme conditions, the SGM POI fixtures come with a five-year warranty and customisable features, such as custom RAL colours to meet any lighting designer’s needs.

Garou stated: “The products are of the highest quality. SGM is the first and only of its kind with IP-rated moving heads. The POI option is much anticipated, featuring custom elements that other brands cannot offer; e.g. the fact that the fixtures come with C5-M corrosion resistant paint and without a display.”

Since SGM’s products are hassle-free, they require almost no maintenance. The products are tested in multiple labs to withstand any elements they may encounter, making them the choice for the outdoor market.

Garou concluded on his overall experience with SGM and the POI products: “SGM’s LED fixtures really match the needs of our domain. This project is a permanent installation and we plan to use these luminaires for the next ten to 15 years. I would recommend SGM products to other lighting designers.”

photos: J. Anthony Martinez

5th May 2017

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