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British Style Collective : VER help spotlight the height of fashion with Lighting Designer Nigel Catmur

British Style Collective : VER help spotlight the height of fashion with Lighting Designer Nigel Catmur
British Style Collective : VER help spotlight the height of fashion with Lighting Designer Nigel Catmur

UK – As part of British Style Collective’s three day fashion extravaganza staged at Liverpool’s Echo Arena, VER London supported the production crew on Rock the Runway, a brace of daily show-stopping performances mixing models and dancers in a fashion-meets-music spectacle.

Built as a full on rock and roll style production, conceived and staged by Andy Turner with styling by Karl Willet and music by Des Lambert, the installation featured a full height, up stage LED video wall that delivered stunning content created specifically by Colin Rozee of ZeeFX to help intensify the audience experience. A variety of automated heads and effects were also incorporated to allow maximum creative control over the on-stage illumination.

Working closely with LD Nigel Catmur, the VER Lighting department provided a mixture of Martin MAC Viper Performance, Profile and AirFX plus over 50 Robe Robin Pointe fixtures, perfect for dissecting the on screen visuals. Showline SL Nitro 510C LEDs were also throughout the trussing structure, to add instant, precise colour changes and intense effects.

VER lighting business development manager, Lester Cobrin comments: “It was a great honour to be involved with this very high profile show. Lev, Nigel, John and the rest of team rose to the many demands involved, executed and smashed it! They produced a truly world class event. I take my hat off to them”.

Speaking to VER, the LD gives a fantastic view of the production “The show is not your straight catwalk show by any stretch of the imagination. It is a ‘full on’, in your face’ spectacle incorporating fashion, singers, acrobats, ballet and dance. Broken into eight screens Andy creates wonderful theatrical pieces that flow beautifully from start to finish giving the overwhelming feeling that there is a story line to carry you on the journey. Lighting the show is such great fun working with such a brilliant team.”

On the logistics of creating the show, Catmur continues “Previously the show has had a four-day build. This year we had one-and-a-half days, so to keep things simpler and for my first time ever, I didn’t put any lamps on the rig that couldn’t be focused from the desk or while the truss was on the ground. VER, with John Wynne as crew chief, prepped the job thoroughly and using HUD pre-rig truss allowed the rig to be wheeled in and go straight up. Programming such a complex fashion/theatre/concert style show in just two days is quite daunting with a very intense programming period. After a bit of wysiwyg pre-programming and in order to reduce the pressure on site I shared the programming with Colin Wood using two Road Hog 4 desks as client and server with both of us on the same session. Its a system I have used several times and it works. The end result is we get to keep our sanity whilst creating a stunning show of which we are all very proud.”

photo: Kulwinder Klins Ganger

14th July 2017

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