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Elation Lighting Excitement at King of Kings World Grand Prix 46

Elation Lighting Excitement at King of Kings World Grand Prix 46
Elation Lighting Excitement at King of Kings World Grand Prix 46

Moldova – King of Kings events are some of the most popular kickboxing events in the world and Elation dealer Eventica Grup SRL of Moldova has been a staging and technical contractor of KOK tournaments for years. For past events, Eventica has turned to Elation Platinum SBX hybrid fixtures for their multi-functionality, power and dynamism. For the King of Kings World Grand Prix 46 tournament held on 1st April in Moldova, Eventica added Elation’s new Fuze Wash Z350™ to the line up along with other Elation gear. Lighting design was by Max Cojocari.

KOK events are intense affairs with pre-bout introductions a vital step in building up the exciting atmosphere. The fighter entrance stage, key in the build up to a match, is a large space where anywhere from 18 fighters to a single fighter will make their appearance. “We needed to fill the space with dynamic lighting, whether it was for all the fighters together or for just one fighter,” stated Serghei Buchin of Eventica Grup, who divided their set of 16 Fuze fixtures in half with eight units located behind the fighters and eight placed on the front rig.

“The Fuze Wash Z350 has a good colour mixing system and was used first and foremost to cover the entrance space in dynamic washes of colour,” he says. “But it also has an excellent zoom range, which was an absolute necessity for this purpose as sometimes we had to light a wide area and other times just a narrow space. In my opinion, it was the main feature of the fixture.”

Eventica Grup SRL provided production and technical support for the World Grand Prix and as in past KOK events a powerful, dynamic light was needed to match the emotion and adrenaline of the fighters themselves. Serghei again turned to the versatile three-in-one Platinum SBX with 16 units rigged at the fighters’ entrance stage and used for variable beam effects to highlight fighter introductions and energize the room. “We needed an extremely bright spot but also a powerful beam luminaire for fighter introductions and the SBXs satisfied us absolutely,” Serghei comments. “They proved themselves to be better than we expected.” Not only can the SBX change between Beam and Spot modes quickly but a unique frost system was employed when a wash effect was needed.

Punchy colour looks to match the high impact of the event itself were incorporated using direct view pixel strips. Stacked horizontally on each side of the stage’s central KOK logo screen were Elation SixBar 1000 LED colour-changing battens. The one-meter long multi-purpose LED battens, 12 each side of the stage, were positioned to mimic the angle of the KOK logo and used as backdrop lighting effects to broaden the colour scheme across the stage.

Finally, as the event was also televised, a variable white light option was needed which Elation Opti Tri White II Par lights stepped in to fill. The lighting rig included other intelligent lights as well and was controlled via a Road Hog 4 with lighting design completed on Capture Atlas lighting design software.

Elation Lighting Excitement at King of Kings World Grand Prix 46 Elation Lighting Excitement at King of Kings World Grand Prix 46

12th July 2017

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