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Keeping Quietly Cool

Keeping Quietly Cool
Keeping Quietly Cool

Multi-national loudspeaker component, flightcase hardware and premium 19 inch racking manufacturer Penn Elcom continues to innovate with the launch of the new CoolRac FT-80-Q-FC, a near-silent exhaust fan, specially designed for flight casing that requires efficient and quiet heat management.

Setting new standards in flightcase cooling, the total noise levels of the FT-80-Q-FC in operation is just 22.5 dBA (0.3 sone) and is a dramatic reduction to average fan noise levels.

The fan is ideal for mounting in a whole range of flight case racking equipment, and provides thermal regulation for sensitive equipment such as lighting, AV, TV or musical equipment. This allows the equipment to operate safely and optimally while remaining within the protection of its flight casing, whether stationary or in transit.

It functions by expelling hot air from the front of the flightcase rack, preventing thermal damage that could lead to thermal failure. This differentiates from many other generic fans that simply circulate hot air within the casing rather than expelling it.

Digital control gives refined and super-accurate heat management via continuous temperature monitoring and ‘set-and-forget’ fan control. All the components are optimised for quiet running, have over-temperature alarms and benefit from running off a universal power supply.

The lightweight CoolRac FT-80-Q-FCs weighs just 400g each and is engineered to the robust and reliable specifications common to all Penn Elcom products.

Nine fan blades improve the airflow and facilitate highly efficient ventilation. The impeller aerofoil shape was specifically devised to minimise the noise levels and deliver more airflow and pressure. (Fans should be cleaned regularly to ensure optimum performance).

The CRC-TEMP is a thermal sensor accessory that can be attached via an acrylic adhesive pad and plugged in to the TEMP socket on the FT-80-Q-FC. This should ideally be located in an area where it can measure ambient temperature rather than directly attached to the main heat source!

The unit’s thermal bi-metal reed switch is made to operate at temperatures up to 40oC and it will re-set when the ambient temperature reaches 30oC or drops to minus 2oC.

The Fluid Dynamic Bearing has a two-year guarantee and is an oil capsule to avoid lubricant leakage. It is as quiet as a sleeve bearing, but offers a significantly higher service life!

The CoolRac FT-80-Q-FC is mounted in a recessed dish available in standard sizes for easy mounting to any existing style of flight case, just like fitting a standard socket or a handle dish. Fuss-free mounting – either horizontally or vertically – is quick and easy using a handy fitting template, which is included.


28th July 2017

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