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Getting LED Creative with the Crew at The Price is Right

Getting LED Creative with the Crew at The Price is Right

UK – Helping to bring a touch of nostalgia to TV screens across the UK, illumination specialists LED Creative has supported scenic designer Chris Webster and lighting director Dave Davey on Talkback Thames’ recently revamped The Price is Right.

Recorded in front of a live studio audience, host Alan Carr added his own sparkle to one of the world’s best known game shows as he invited members of the audience to “Come on Down” against the backdrop of Chris Webster’s wonderfully vivacious set.

As a part of the build, LED Creative supplied the team with over two kilometres of Alpha 60 RGB system which the designer made fabulous use of to create the myriad of lightboxes, which were bursting with colour across the back of the stage. Additionally, each lightbox was fitted with a saturation diffuser, sourced specifically for the project to deliver consistently vivid colours in all key lighting conditions.

Elsewhere within the set, the Alpha 60 was cleverly woven into the set pieces to provide the crew with almost infinite control of colour, depth and intensity, to perfectly complement LD Dave Davey’s installation.

Speaking about the production, LED Creative’s Ges Smith said: “It’s always exciting to assist in putting together vibrant, fun installations such as this. Chris’ set design was bursting with colour and he made great use of our Alpha RGB to enhance the various elements used to create the set. Very worthy of such an iconic game show!”

11th January 2018

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