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Kasabian – ‘For crying out loud’ – it’s winter

Kasabian – ‘For crying out loud’ – it’s winter

UK – As fine a reputation in edgy relevance as fans could wish for, Kasabian continue to confront them with an ever-evolving musical output. “It’s a totally different dynamic,”said their long-time director of video, Paul Eggy Eggerton. And well he might; while other bands join the expanding club of content driven video backdrops, Kasabian take the braver route, relying on their live stage energy to carry the crowd.

“So often a lot of content tends to be stock graphics or just splodge,” continued Eggerton. “For these guys we have big side screens in portrait orientation.” The two six-metre tall 7mm LED screens and a four camera PPU are supplied by Video Design. “With that screen format, there is no standard mid-shot, it just doesn’t work; you’d end up with lots of either limbs or instruments missing. So, you are constantly having to keep it wider with the odd close up thrown in. It is a totally different cut to standard IMAG. But it really suits the show.”

Tricky for Eggerton, he certainly needs to work his cameramen a lot harder than normal, it’s a challenge he enjoys: “Their manager Simon Moran first made the decision a few years back and I think Serge has always wanted it. Thankfully you’re in safe hands with Alex Leinster and you always know with Video Design you’re going to get good people, and they were great, with a highly animated band on stage like these guys that’s a real help. I think they enjoyed it too. As a scene set it is distinctive and I like it for that, even if it makes my job more difficult. It looked great, and with PK (LD Paul Kell) running Nick Gray’s lighting design it looked really good. Over all everything has worked a treat.”

photos: Maria Zhytnikova

Kasabian – ‘For crying out loud’ – it’s winterKasabian – ‘For crying out loud’ – it’s winter

29th January 2018

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