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Mountview Christmas Concert Sees the Light with Powerful LED Solutions Provided by A.C. Entertainment Technologies

Mountview Christmas Concert Sees the Light with Powerful LED Solutions Provided by A.C. Entertainment Technologies
Mountview Christmas Concert Sees the Light with Powerful LED Solutions Provided by A.C. Entertainment Technologies

UK – Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts, one of the UK’s foremost drama schools and recognised as one of the best places in the world to train in musical theatre, utilised effects lighting fixtures from leading brands Chroma-Q and ProLights for its recent annual Christmas Concert, supplied by A.C. Entertainment Technologies Ltd (AC-ET).

This magical evening of songs, speeches and a chance to see all of Mountview’s Undergraduate and Foundation students perform under one roof, took place in St. George’s Catholic Cathedral, Southwark, Central London, the perfect setting for this most festive of occasions.

Mountview senior lighting tutor, Alex Cann, created the Christmas Concert's lighting design in partnership with a student of the Academy's 3rd year BA (Hons) Theatre Production Arts course.

The lighting brief was to enhance the overall production, but also to ensure that the whole audience could see the performers. The design therefore needed to be practical whilst also subtly enhancing the overall performance.

When it came to choosing the lighting fixtures, there were a number of important criteria which needed to be met.

Alex commented: "Being a working Cathedral we had limited access time before the concert, so I needed to use fixtures that would be very quick and easy to set up. They also needed to be compact enough to not take up too much space in the performance area, or obstruct the beautiful architecture. With limited power available in the venue, I also wanted them to be LED, to reduce the power consumption. However, despite being compact, they still needed to be powerful enough to light the large archway columns either side of the performers, and the high vaulted ceiling above them."

Andy Mahaffey from AC-ET's lighting sales division recommended Chroma-Q Color Force II 12 powerful RGBA colour-mixing LED washlights to uplight the columns and high ceiling in subtle pastels. He also suggested ProLights SmartBat Plus compact, battery powered, portable LED units featuring wireless control, for their simple setup and positioning anywhere to uplight surfaces, and ProLights StudioCOB Plus LED PAR fixtures to provide subtle accent lighting.

Alex commented: "We had to ensure that all equipment was portable due to regular church services throughout the day. The Chroma Q Color Force II 12s are a great compact fixture, with excellent colour mixing and a very bright output that helped to accentuate some of the wonderful architecture of St. George’s Catholic Cathedral. The ProLights SmartBats were absolutely ideal for this type of event, and the fact that they were wireless was a real added bonus. The ProLights StudioCOB Plus fixtures also did a good job providing cross-lighting."

Mountview supplemented the floor-mounted Chroma-Q and ProLights fixtures with stand-mounted

ETC Source Four Jr Zoom ellipsoidals from their existing lighting stock, to provide overhead illumination of individual performers from a distance.

Summarising his experience of using the lighting fixtures and working with AC-ET, Alex commented:

"We were delighted to work with A.C. Entertainment Technologies on our Christmas Concert. The high quality fixtures added some real Christmas sparkle to our show. The service provided by everyone at A.C. is great and I look forward to working with them again in the future."

Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts' vision is to produce the next generation of leading creative artists by providing access to the highest quality training for the most talented people. To help deliver this vision, they are currently constructing a purpose-built new home in Southwark which will feature two theatres, rehearsal and performance studios, production workshops, music practice rooms, TV studios and a radio suite, as well as a 200 square metre rehearsal studio for hire by industry professionals.

8th January 2018

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