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Patrick Rabus with SGM on Tour with ITCHY

Patrick Rabus with SGM on Tour with ITCHY
Patrick Rabus with SGM on Tour with ITCHY

Independent lighting and show designer Patrick Rabus, who often works as a light operator as well, likes to rely on SGM luminaires for his shows, and took full advantage of SGM's new, unique all-in-one P-10 for the recent ITCHY tour.

“The new features that SGM has implemented, such as the power-out and the degree indicator on the side of the lamp, make setting up much easier. So, if it has to be really bright and flexible, I'll take the P-10," stated Patrick Rabus.

Being on tour with the trendy punk band ITCHY posed certain challenges when it came to equipment. Patrick Rabus needed to achieve maximum output with just few resources, and to do that, he chose four SGM G-4 Wash-Beams, two SGM P-5s, and six of the brand new SGM P-10.

“For bands this size, the budget and the equipment weight are usually the main challenges. Since we were travelling with two Sprinters, there was not much room for lighting gear,” revealed Patrick Rabus and continued. “In this equipment situation, I needed a fixture with a large coverage and, of course, the right output.”

Patrick Rabus was thrilled by the colours, powerful output, and variety of effects of the P-10 that works as a strobe, wash, blinder, and effect light.

"Because of the much narrower beam, SGM’s P-10 is especially great as an effect and is what sets it apart from its predecessors. I control the lamp with the built-in pixelmapper in my console, and this easy setup creates the most incredible and beautiful effects. I also like to use the built-in macros," explained Patrick Rabus and continued. "Exactly what a punk band, who likes to stray into tougher tones, needs. Anyway, the band is really happy and of course I am too!”

SGM fixtures has helped Patrick Rabus achieve these creative visions over and over again, and he is sure to be using SGM for future gigs as well.

"For me, SGM fixtures are just great, I appreciate their robustness. Beer, sweat, rain, and extreme cold (-15 degrees) are no obstacles for these lamps. In addition, I've always loved the look, the output, and the colours," concluded Patrick Rabus.

photos: Diana Mühlberger

Patrick Rabus with SGM on Tour with ITCHY Patrick Rabus with SGM on Tour with ITCHY

8th January 2018

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