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Adamson IS-Series Covers Large Congregation at GBI Aruna in Indonesia

Adamson IS-Series Covers Large Congregation at GBI Aruna in Indonesia

Indonesia – GBI Aruna Church is known for its dynamic and inspiring worship services, welcoming over 16,000 weekly congregants across its 15 campuses in the Indonesian city of Bandung. In order to serve and engage the congregation better at its flagship 1,600-capacity location, GBI Aruna, the church’s pastoral team recently invested in a new audio system built around the install-focused IS-Series from Adamson Systems Engineering.

GBI Aruna was constructed in 2007, and due to consistent and significant growth over the years coupled with an enhanced music ministry, the pastoral team made the decision to upgrade its house audio system for the second time in mid-2018.

The church invited representatives from three loudspeaker manufacturers to demo their systems in the main sanctuary. After extensive evaluations, the IS-Series system comprised of IS7 two-way, full-range cabinets and IS118 and E218 subwoofers showcased by Big Knob Audio, Adamson’s Indonesian distributor, was chosen for the project.

“The Adamson IS7 is so lightweight and compact, it’s amazing to experience such powerful sound coming from the system,” says Marshall Pins, GBI Aruna’s senior sound engineer. “Not only that, it provides very consistent tonality from front to back. We worked with Big Knob on the design using Adamson’s Blueprint AV software, which was very helpful in fine-tuning the system to achieve the even coverage throughout the seating area that we were looking for. It is such a joy to mix on this system.”

The left-right solution employs arrays of eight IS7 cabinets below one IS118 subwoofer per side. An additional complement of four E218 subwoofers are groundstacked in front of the stage for extra low-end reinforcement, and a pair of IS7 cabinets are deployed at the lip of the stage as front fills.

Stevannus Yordan, the head of the Music Ministry at GBI Aruna, explains that the IS-Series checks every box in terms of what he and his colleagues sought from the new solution. “There were three criteria that needed to be met: a light weight, even coverage, and of course, a high degree of musicality. The IS-Series met them all and sounds very luxurious. It reinforces the worship environment like never before.”

Timo Wibianto, senior partner at Big Knob Audio, says that he knew the IS-Series was the optimal solution for this application for a number of reasons. “The IS-Series is purpose-built for install applications like this, offering a remarkably easy installation process, incredible sound, and a sleek, unobtrusive package that keeps the congregation’s focus on the words and music being shared. We look forward to many other successful projects with the IS-Series going forward.”

26th October 2018

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