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BackStage Pass: Reflections on Life in the Theatre

BackStage Pass: Reflections on Life in the Theatre

Fred Foster, the Founder and CEO of ETC, is the subject of the latest BackStage Pass video. In this incredible two-part interview Fred talks about the beginnings of ETC and how the company became a major force in the lighting industry. He also talks about some of the challenges he has faced and offers the viewer a look into his life with his family, friends and colleagues.

Bill Sapsis, BackStage Pass executive producer, noted: “Fred Foster’s commitment to the industry, to ETC and to the people who work there is nothing short of remarkable. Fred has not only led the way in lighting equipment research and development but has also shown us how a company can be run with respect, dignity and sensitivity. Fred is indeed a gentleman and a scholar, and it was and honour to speak with him.”

BackStage Pass videos are available, at no charge, on YouTube. The videos focus on individuals who have had an impact on the entertainment industry. Previous guests are Jennifer Tipton, Neil Mazzella, Richard Pilbrow, Mark White, Steve Terry and John McGraw, Richard Winkler and David Hale with David Hearn.

Fred’s interview is available on YouTube at



11th October 2018

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