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Barco RigiFlex: the world’s first rigid powerwall that can be rolled up

Barco has announced the launch of Barco RigiFlex, a brand-new rigid yet very flexible powerwall screen. The first rigid, rollable powerwall of its kind, Barco RigiFlex combines excellent visual performance with amazingly easy transportation, installation and maintenance. Qualifying as one of the market’s best high-tension surfaces, Barco RigiFlex is an excellent alternative for fixed powerwalls.

Rear-projection is the mainstream projection mode in the virtual reality market. However, rigid screens are typically rather compact, smaller than the total required surface. The screen is therefore spliced, and the welding lines impede the visual sense of immersion. Moreover, installing such a screen can be challenging and time-consuming. Depending on the size of the screen, special equipment may be needed to transport and install it.

That is the challenge we address with Barco RigiFlex. This new screen features a flexible surface which can be completely rolled up (so it can be easily brought inside any building), and is available in any size up to 10 x 4 metres/33 x 13 feet. Meanwhile, it has similar quality specifications as the top glass screens, delivering an authentic immersive interaction.

Barco RigiFlex uses innovative woven high polymer fabric and is less than 1mm/0.04 inches thick. This makes the product extremely light, as the weight per square meter is only about 0.5kg. Equipped with an aluminium frame, Barco RigiFlex issues extremely high tension on the surface, ensuring toughness and stability. The screen will not vibrate, even when doors are opened or closed, or when there is strong indoor ventilation. It also does not sag after long-term use. Furthermore, it displays images with high resolution, wide viewing angles (with a half gain angle of more than 80 degrees) and unequalled colour saturation, creating an outstanding rear-projection powerwall experience.

The flexible nature of Barco RigiFlex facilitates transportation, storage and installation. Compared with traditional rear-projection products, it can be installed in half the time and with less staff. In addition, the projection screen on the frame can be replaced or upgraded to meet new operation requirements.

“Barco RigiFlex is a great addition to our virtual reality portfolio,” says Kurt Doornaert, director virtual experience at Barco. “It allows us to install powerwalls in places where competitors need to offer suboptimal solutions (like spliced screens or smaller projection surfaces), giving us an important competitive edge. Combined with our great projectors, including the UDX and XDL series, we can answer the requirements of a very wide range of users.”


26th October 2018

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