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DiGiCo SD7s find new home in one of Cambodia’s biggest theatres

DiGiCo SD7s find new home in one of Cambodia’s biggest theatres

Cambodia – Situated in the heart of Phnom Penh lies Cambodia’s Nagaworld complex. One of South East Asia’s most awe-inspiring, multi-purpose facilities, housing a world-class casino, a beautiful five star hotel and one of the country’s biggest theatres, Nagaworld caters for all. DiGiCo consoles have found themselves at the centre of this huge operation, with two SD7s now a permanent fixture for the Naba Theatre contained within the complex.

Placed at both FOH and monitor positions and connected via Optocore, the SD7s have quickly become an integral part of the theatre’s set-up.

“There are 56 channels of inputs at the stage area that cater for all the shows that the theatre is currently doing,” Nick Chua of Showtec Group, who supplied the consoles, explains. “More inputs can be taken from the SD-Mini Rack, FOH desk and the stage SD7 inputs if needed. Overall, the capacity and functionality of the whole system is fantastic and can cater to the large range of shows that the theatre may host.

“We have divided up the five output strips into 16 channels of outputs for FOH sends and 24 channels of outputs for stage monitors. This is more than adequate to cover any extra outputs needed at the stage end while also providing all the installed outputs for the audio system.”

DiGiCo always strives to provide the best support in the industry, no matter where in the world its consoles end up and the Naga theatre has been no different.

“Ian Staddon at DiGiCo has been most helpful in providing advice to us prior to the install, telling us which components work best in a flexible theatre environment that caters to all different types of show and we’re very happy with our investment in the SD7.”

11th October 2018

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