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New Charity for SpotTrack

New Charity for SpotTrack

UK & USA – SpotTrack, the specialist entertainment software tool for making, modifying and maintaining followspot cue sheets, is now supporting a new charity: Backup – The Technical Entertainment Charity.

Since its creation eight years ago, SpotTrack has allowed lighting practitioners to give a little back while working on their latest show, with 15% of the purchase price (£6.75) going to charity. Users have always been able to choose whether their purchase supported the lighting charity Light Relief in the UK, or Behind The Scenes in the USA.

In recent times, Light Relief has evolved into Backup, which has a wider remit, offering support to those in need across all fields of entertainment technical production rather than just those working in lighting.

SpotTrack now provides another way of supporting the charity, alongside the events ranging from comedy nights to kart-fests, allowing it to continue its fine work assisting those from our industry who find themselves in difficulty from illness or accident and in need of financial support. Further information about the charity can be found at

Users working in the USA can continue to select Behind The Scenes (; the SpotTrack team would be happy to hear from those running or establishing similar charities elsewhere in the world.

The same SpotTrack release, version 1.50 available for download now from the SpotTrack website at, maintains SpotTrack’s long established functionality but provides full compatibility with the latest versions of MacOS and Windows. It continues to be an invaluable tool whether using traditional followspots or any of the new generation of automated or semi-automated followspotting systems, well proven on a wide range of productions across the world.

30th October 2018

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