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Philips Strand offers ideal LED alternative with new SPX LED WW profile

Philips Strand offers ideal LED alternative with new SPX LED WW profile

USA - Signify has announced the launch of the new Philips Strand SPX LED WW, a high-output, warm white LED profile spotlight fixture which offers a powerful, energy efficient alternative to existing models. The SPX LED WW was officially unveiled at the LDI exhibition in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The SPX LED WW is targeted primarily at applications such as education, houses of worship and themed environments. It has been designed to meet the requirements of consultants and specifiers looking for quality, efficient and reliable fixtures to serve as straightforward replacements for conventional profile fixtures. Dimmable either via DMX or via a conventional forward phase dimmer, it provides a smooth, stepless fade right down to zero - the perfect dimming credentials for performance lighting.

The SPX LED WW uses the latest energy efficient warm white LED light engine to produce an output equivalent to that of a 575W fixture. Its beam is crisp and precise, directing light only where it is intended. Thanks to the SPX filter frame system there is zero light leakage, so no additional masking is required. With reduced fan noise, the SPX LED WW is also quieter in operation than comparable LED fixtures.

The SPX LED WW uses the same proven, high-precision, high-performance gate and lens sets as the renowned Philips Selecon SPX Profile fixtures, with secure locking shutters, while other lens sets can be used via an adaptor plate. It also employs a Philips Selecon ‘box’-style gel colour holder. DMX connection is via familiar, robust XLR connectors.

Bill Richards, product manager EMEA for Signify Entertainment Lighting, says: “The SPX LED WW will appeal where quality LED alternatives to traditional light sources are needed. The conventional profile fixtures still in use around the world will ultimately need to be replaced with low energy product, and we believe this is the best mains-dimmable LED fixture available. It is the ideal candidate for direct, one-for-one replacement of existing profile fixtures.”

19th October 2018

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